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CSI Las Vegas Ray ......

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cookielove Sat 04-Jun-11 14:52:58

Due to other commitments <ahem mumsnet> i have seem to lagged behind on keeping up to date or really follow whats going on. So although i have watched it and everything i am really not sure why nate is A) so obsessed with ray? (is it just that he didn't die) B) why he said welcome home to ray? C) what was the yearbook thing about? D) and lastly when they were researching him they found those people from the past yeah who were they?

Erm i feel rather clueless now

countydurhamlass Sat 04-Jun-11 15:25:22

can't answer all your questions but nate and ray share the same genetic disorder (the one that makes nate the way he is). it's ray's secret that the other csi's didnt know (Not sure if they do now) and Nate knows it.

PersonalClown Sat 04-Jun-11 15:31:16

Nate sees him and Ray being the same. Abusive father, the 'evil' gene ( to put it one way.

Nate said Welcome home as it was where he started his killing and accepted his 'fate' re genetics as it were.
The yearbook proved that Nate wasn't actually called Nate. He took his first kill's name.

Personal Clown-self confessed CSI nut!

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