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Queen documentary

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ClaireDeLoon Mon 30-May-11 22:47:03

Seeing how popular Queen were in the 'who do you wish you had seen live' thread I just wondered if anyone else watching? Quite harrowing re FM's illness and physical detoriation.

Punkatheart Mon 30-May-11 22:51:00

Sad. I had a friend who lived next door to one of Freddie's houses. Sometimes I would see him from her window, pottering around the garden. A man who grabbed life but also was inwardly gentle, very feeling...

CliffTumble Mon 30-May-11 22:52:00

Freddie seems like he was such a quiet and gentle man.

ClaireDeLoon Mon 30-May-11 22:56:58

Yes very gentle. From what is being said very thoughtful towards others to the end. So hard for his bandmates and those that loved him.

CeliaFate Mon 30-May-11 23:41:15

Wasn't it brilliant? I thought Roger and Brian's account were very touching. Freddie was a brilliant, cultured man who was so dignified about his illness. He's trending tonight on Twitter! smile

crazynanna Mon 30-May-11 23:50:08

I cried the whole way through.
A Legend..An Icon...A Gift. just got me

Punkatheart Mon 30-May-11 23:57:26

I understand, crazyanna. He had a certain 'something' that made him very easy to love....

LordOfTheFlies Fri 03-Jun-11 18:30:08

Oh bugger I missed it!

Actually just wanted to brag that I saw Queen live at Newcastle (year after Live Aid) but they sang too many covers(goodbye marylou is the only one I can think of,long time ago) I wanted to hear their songs

Then I nearly walked past Brian May on Tottenham Court Road.DH recognised him.I saw him and couldn't place him(he was familiar but escaped me).DH says "Oh theres Brian May". Brian gave me a goofy grin.I was torn between asking for an autograph-had my ticket stub in my purse- and giving him peace because he was with a little girl( ?his DD)

Brian May if you read Mumsnet you should owe me an autograph!!If that's ok by yougrin

CeliaFate Fri 03-Jun-11 18:38:25

Lordoftheflies, it's going to be repeated on BBC2 on 8th June at about 10.50pm I think.

GwendolineMaryLacey Fri 03-Jun-11 18:54:36

Saw odds and sods of it. Will catch it on iPlayer when I get back from holiday. Never saw them live sad Loved Freddie, he seemed like a lovely, gentle man and very talented.

bruffin Sun 05-Jun-11 01:15:07

Watched bits of this when it was on and DH recorded it. DH saw them in 1975 (he thinks but he would have only been 14 and went with older friends) which was the same time as the concert they showed but he doesn't think it was that concert. Freddie was brilliant wasn't he. DCs were in We Will Rock You at school last year so I was Queened out for months on end and should have been sick of it, but I ended up with a renewed appreciation for their music. I will never tire of hearing Bohemian Rhapsody and I am old enough to be a teenager when it originally was in the charts. Also "These were the days of our lives" was such a perfect final song.

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