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FFS that Spartacus show is a bit much

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kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:17:04

i'd never seen it before.

fucking hell

stretch Tue 03-May-11 23:20:23

I've never seen it. Lots of blood?

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:21:03



SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:22:10

and the shagging. you forgot the shagging.

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:23:18

missed that bit though dh told me about the 6 slave girls....

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 03-May-11 23:24:08

Oh yes and lots of sex, gets more explicit as it goes along. Starts at 10 though so well after watershed. A bit like "Rome" on steroids.

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:24:56

is it uk production?

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:25:32

iirc, there's also some guy on guy action as well at some point. Is it Blood and Sand you are watching or Gods of the arena?

too much sex, too much blood. bleurgh

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:26:46

It's Starz apparently.

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:29:27

oh dear. i've no idea. just channel surfing

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:31:34

Does it have spartacus in it?

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:32:12

yes. he just killed 4 gladiators (violently) and was spared his life

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:32:43

as a character, I mean. Becasue tehre has been a spin off, a prequel calles Spartacus Godsof the arena which is before he joined the arena.

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:33:51

Blood and Sand. Which just about sums it up.

there is one episode that had DH wincing when it showed the emasculation of a --well hung--gladiator

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:35:12

oh dear. oh dear. oh dear.


of course i'll watch next ep

paulapantsdown Tue 03-May-11 23:51:00

JUPITERS COCK! Its my favourite show! Try playing Spartacus roulette - swig of booze every time someone says the word cock.

SecretNutellaFix Tue 03-May-11 23:51:29

how pissed must you get!

paulapantsdown Tue 03-May-11 23:54:49

yes nutella - we usually sky+ and save it for a Saturday nights!

kerrymumbles Tue 03-May-11 23:55:16


Mamaz0n Tue 03-May-11 23:56:35

It is the best show on tv since LoM/AtA.

Andy Whitfield is the most perfect specimen of a man.

It is like viagra to me

ThisisaSignofthetimes Wed 04-May-11 00:02:47

Second series currently on hold as Andy Whitfield fighting cancer, that's why they did the prequel sad

Mamaz0n Wed 04-May-11 00:05:37

I know sad

It is his second bout i think. I can only pray he makes a full and speedy recovery so i can perve some more

paulapantsdown Wed 04-May-11 09:14:13

'fraid Andy Whitfield not coming back as his leukemia has returned sad

they made the prequel while he was having 1st lot of treatment, but his illness returned when they started filming the 3rd one - he has been replaced with another actor for next series - a terrible shame

SpangledPandemonium Wed 04-May-11 09:19:23

Oh yes it is dreadful. Shocking.

I have to keep watching just so that I can be aghast at how shocking it is.

Very sad to hear about Andy Whitfield.

Mamaz0n Wed 04-May-11 10:09:25

Oh i hadnt heard that he had been replaced.
That is terribly sad.

I wish him a full and speedy recovery

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