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Do you still watch Boardwalk Empire?

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kittya Sat 02-Apr-11 22:24:59

Ive just realised Ive got two together to watch. Im not as keen on it as I used to be. Are you still excited by it?

headintheclouds Sat 02-Apr-11 23:36:48

we have just deleted 4 episodes on sky +, because its really not delivering for us ! It's made room for the sopranos( all over again) which for me is even better second time around. have just watched spiral though on BBC4 which is shaping up to sky plus very nicely!!

kittya Sat 02-Apr-11 23:41:25

I seem to be following you on this one!! although I am a Sopranos virgin so Im savouring every minute of it. Im loving the Big C and have set my planner for Spiral. Boardwalk lost its appeal about 4 episodes ago, its very repetitive.

jammietart Sun 03-Apr-11 12:08:27

We still watch it but only as a last resort. I think its very well done in some ways but I'm not enthralled by it nor do I care about any of the characters. There isn't much telly I'm into since watching the Killing though.

kittya Sun 03-Apr-11 12:49:47

Im really going to have to get hold of this Killing that everyone speaks about!!grin

jammietart Sun 03-Apr-11 20:01:52

The DVD is out tomorrow!

SarkyLady Sun 03-Apr-11 20:03:54

Dh loves it.
I'm not keen. I like a few of the more interesting characters but find all the macho stuff tedious.

I MN on the sofa while he watches

womma Sun 03-Apr-11 20:11:55

I like it, but not much happens really does it? I'm going to stick with it though.

I'm not sure that Steve Buscemi, although a brilliant actor, is quite right for this role. This character needs to be a bit more sexy, charismatic and dangerous, and Steve doesn't really do that in my view. I think Michael Pitt/Jimmy is great.

kittya Sun 03-Apr-11 20:17:28

while Ive got your attention. Afew weeks ago the investigator put a load of money in an envelope and posted it to someone. We all thought it was for his wife's fertility treatment but she opened an empty envelope. Who did he send it to?

womma Sun 03-Apr-11 20:20:50

He sent the big wad of cash of to Jimmy's wife, who it was meant for all along.

Now he's an interesting character!

kittya Sun 03-Apr-11 20:25:15

why was it meant for her? she's the artist with lesbian tendencies? Im just wondering whether to try and watch one now, its awful when I have to make myself watch something. I feel like I should just give up now but, I will have to see it through to the bitter end.

He is very interesting. Poor bloody wife!!

womma Sun 03-Apr-11 20:37:28

I know, and the religious fervour, and the self loathing, the flagellation and ooh all of it! He's a crazy mixed up kid if ever there was one.

Jimmy had to leave town fast because he'd hijacked a van of booze and killed another gangster's men. So he was sending money back to her to look after her and the little boy. She was really struggling for money to buy food, but the money Jimmy was sending was being intercepted by the investigator and languishing in a drawer - hope that all makes sense!

paulapantsdown Sun 03-Apr-11 21:43:32

I agree that this flagged a little for a couple of episodes, but last nights was fantastic I thought.
I think its really shaping up and plotlines coming together to something really exciting - its all falling apart for both Nookie and Inspector Alden. I find the connections between the characters really interesting, and I am suprised everyone is bored with it!

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 11:23:38

I love it too - I want Nuckys original gf to come back as she was nuts !!

Northumberlandlass Mon 04-Apr-11 12:23:41

I am still really enjoying it, again I love the relationships between characters.

I still find the costumes, set, musical score superb ! The acting fantastic. I agree it is building up to a great finale. I think it is the penultimate episode this week.

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 12:27:25

yes yes the sets!The attention to detail. And the costumes <swoon>

Northumberlandlass Mon 04-Apr-11 12:28:38

Oh... and I love Jimmy !

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 12:29:34

Not his hair though...but his face, oh yup wink

kittya Mon 04-Apr-11 12:42:44

I must admit this weeks episode has pulled me back in. Was it his mother poisoning the father then? How old was she when she had him 13????

notyummy Mon 04-Apr-11 12:47:19

I have to admit I have given up - it was deleted from the Sky Plus. I have little time to watch telly, so things really have to grip me to make it worth my while.

Enjoyed The Killing and have set the Sky p for the midweek late night repeat of Spiral, as I missed it on Saturday.

Still enjoying True Blood - and trying really hard to like Treme, as I loved The Wire....but finding it a bit hard at the mo tbh.

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 13:09:15

I couldnt do 'Treme' and had to delete.

yes the Mum of Jimmy was 13, the dad was 54 <boak>

I think she's poisoning him - it wouldn't benefit the housekeeper so must be her. She's a minx

kittya Mon 04-Apr-11 13:35:13

shes very actractive, Ive seen her before in something.

The photographers wife was a real bitch, wasnt she? I wonder why she did that? And, why did the Irish woman do a runner?

I agree the costumes are just stunning. smile

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 13:43:30

The actress is Grecthen Mol which is just the most perfect name for that period! Not sure whats she's been in before though I know she's just had a baby in RL <random>

I was shocked at the photogs wife - didn't make sense to me either. The photog gave me the creeps - as does the Bureau Investigator with his weirdy flogging and then drowning his colleague. Great ep though!

Which Irish woman? The neighbour of Margaret Schroeder?

kittya Mon 04-Apr-11 14:08:54

No, Margaret herself? why has she done a bunk?

Yes, I think I have a girl crush on Jimmys mamsmile

stylenotfashion Mon 04-Apr-11 14:20:05

Oh right, well I thought Margaret left as Nucky was so rude to her in the argument and all her huffing and puffing about being a concubine finally came to a head. I think she's nuts and has nowhere to go and Nucky is paying her keep so she should shhh up. She is a concubine so ner!

Or something.

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