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Children's programmes you watched that you think it's a shame your children don't get to watch

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PureBloodMuggle Mon 07-Feb-11 16:37:35

Children's TV just doesn't seem to be as good (possible that this is because I'm not a child anymore but I mostly think it's because it simply isn't!)

I was thinking through this today the BBC seemed to have loads of children's dramas on that were just amazing and I can't think of any today. I for one loved (to name a few) Box of Delights, Moondial and The December Rose.

Programmes I think it a shame they don't do anymore would include Gruey, Jim'll Fix It, Really Wild Show and Why Don't You.

(In reality my question in the subject is just a long winded way of asking what programmes you likes as a child)

InterruptingCow Mon 07-Feb-11 16:40:21

I agree about the dramas. I remember Kizzy about a gypsy girl and one about some children who lived on a barge on a canal. Plus Black Beauty and ITV had Follyfoot which I loved. I remember the Tomorrow People very fondly (though I suspect it was actually a bit rubbish).

Jackanory was another great programme with some fantastic story-tellers. Kenneth Williams was great and that Scottish chap who did the Little Nose stories.

CilantroLarry Mon 07-Feb-11 16:43:45

Yes things like Moondial. Great dramas.

Simon and the Witch
Dungeons and Dragons
Pottsworth and co.
Maid Marian

PureBloodMuggle Mon 07-Feb-11 16:46:18

Hadn't thought of Jackanory - that's a great loss - brilliant way of getting children to know books.

I wonder if they one you recall about the barge was The December Rose? Actually it probably wasn't can't overly recall if anyone lived on the barge - there was a chimney sweep involved though

stovies Mon 07-Feb-11 16:46:58

I'd like mine to be able to watch the original Postman Pat. They are onto the third incarnation and it's just not as good. The other day they put one on from the early 80s called Pat's Foggy Day and it was so simple and lovely that even my 7yr old was captivated by it.

If anyone knows where I can get the original ones on DVD, let me know. Can't find them on Amazon.

Coca Mon 07-Feb-11 16:51:40

Ooh I thought Why don't you? as soon as I read the title

Coca Mon 07-Feb-11 16:53:04

We bought the dcs dvds of some of our favourites, dungeons and dragons, jamie and his magic torch etc. I would love a City of Gold dvd

Coca Mon 07-Feb-11 16:53:31

Grange Hill

Vintagepommery Mon 07-Feb-11 16:57:04

Worzel Gummidge !

Every time I see my dds watching Wizards of Waverly place or hannah Montana or similar i start waxing on about the brilliance of Worzel Gummidge..

I remember Kizzy as well and the BBC serial of the Secret Garden which I remember as really good.

Also really liked Sapphire and Steel - though I suspect might be rubbish if I saw it now.

stovies Mon 07-Feb-11 17:01:46

Oh I loved Sapphire and Steel. It was so grown-up and spooky!

onimolap Mon 07-Feb-11 17:04:48

The first two series of "The Ace of Wands"

The 3rd and final series is on DVD, but the earlier ones are lost.

BTW: does anyone else remember this? no one I know in RL does.

PureBloodMuggle Mon 07-Feb-11 17:16:17

Simon and the Witch is ringing a bell but I can't think waht it was like (and there is nothing on you tube that is helping)

Can't recall Kizzy at all (and it doesn't google well as it's one word)

onimolap Mon 07-Feb-11 17:18:10

And does anyone remember a one-off series - something to do with a white stallion and Wayland's Smithy?

Miggsie Mon 07-Feb-11 17:19:08

Lizzie Dripping
Carries War
Ballet Shoes

All the dramas.

And the Babapapas, and "the Mole" all those Czechoslovakian things that vanished with the cold war...

NormanTheForeman Mon 07-Feb-11 17:21:06

I loved the tomorrow people too, and I remember Ace of Wands. Didn't it have an owl called Ozymandias?

Bucharest Mon 07-Feb-11 17:22:04

Sapphire and Steel was on in the evenings though, at 7pm. <elephantine memory> on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I must be the same age as InterruptingCow as I remember all of those, in fact just last week I went seeking out Follyfoot stuff on ebay, can still remember the music "dum de dum, the lightening tree" grin and the Sunday afternoon Black Beauty music.

Kizzy was fab, from a book? The Diddakoi. Very un-pc I imagine if we watched it now.

The Tomorrow People was my special favourite. I was so in lurve with the main 70s lapelled chappie. I sent him a love letter (I was about 7) and he sent me a flowery shirt photo.

BeeBox Mon 07-Feb-11 17:22:59

Loved loads of these. The dramas like Box of Delights and Moondial were my absolute favourite. I also loved the school TV series (well, we watched them in school), like Dark Towers and the Boy From Space.

Loved the more imaginative cartoons like Dungeons and Dragons, Cities of Gold and He-Man/She-Ra.

Bucharest Mon 07-Feb-11 17:23:26

The Czech things were really odd. I remember being totally freaked by a huge (presumably very fake rubber) fish being trapped in some ice? And talking to the heroine? It really disturbed me!

BertieBotts Mon 07-Feb-11 17:23:54

Aquila was fantastic. I watched it on youtube last year and it was just as good as I remembered.

Miggsie, DS has a t-shirt from H&M which I thought just had a generic monster picture on, which turned out to be babaparas (or whatever it is...) I looked that up on youtube for him too!

NormanTheForeman Mon 07-Feb-11 17:25:01

Do you mean John (played by Nicholas Young), Bucharest? I loved him too, and also sent him a letter! He sent me a letter back and a signed photo (but he was in a polo neck jumper, not a flowery shirt!)

southeastastra Mon 07-Feb-11 17:25:35

they're hardly making any now (apart from bbc) as so many busybodies complained about ads on itv - such a shame

my son used to watch dog and duck and rosie and jim

Bucharest Mon 07-Feb-11 17:26:37

Norman! I do! T'is he! My photo, which I still have, has him in big lapelled velvet jacket and flowery Paul Merton shirt.
Lovely handwriting and wrote in a fountain pen.

CilantroLarry Mon 07-Feb-11 17:27:31

Simon and the Witch

Needanewname Mon 07-Feb-11 17:27:32

Danger Mouse and Hong Kong Phooey (I know you can probably see them on You Tube but not the same)

Rentaghost - I remember loving that.

Why Don;t you....

The Flumps

NormanTheForeman Mon 07-Feb-11 17:27:45

Yes, I still have mine I think! I agree he had lovely handwriting...

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