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Ok, who's watching thirtysomething on Sky Atlantic?

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squeaver Mon 07-Feb-11 15:54:49

Michael! Hope! Little baby Janey!

Braces as a fashion statement!

Pussy bow hair accessories!

Lulumaam Mon 07-Feb-11 15:55:23

oh oh oh !! is it on now???

squeaver Mon 07-Feb-11 15:56:24

It's just finishing. I just caught the last 10 minutes.

squeaver Mon 07-Feb-11 15:57:22

When I was at Uni, all I wanted to do was grow up and have a husband like Michael (not like Elliot, obv) and a ramshackle house and lovely lovely friends like theirs.

squeaver Mon 07-Feb-11 16:01:01

Melissa's wacky coat!

Ellen's shoulder pads!

And Gary. Oh how I loved Gary....

It can't just be you and me, LM, can it?

Lulumaam Mon 07-Feb-11 16:05:06

I have the ramshackle house and lovely friends !
I wanted to be Melissa.

she was a tad quirky.

sigh. now I am 30 something, it's not quite how the series sold it to me !

squeaver Mon 07-Feb-11 16:08:37

Yes you knew Melissa was cool because she wore wide hairbands and lived in a warehouse. And I loved all that unresolved sexual tension between her and Gary.

It's a long time since I was even thirtysomething I must say, but the dream remains...

Did you know that Michael was/is married to Nancy (Nan-shee) in real life?

didldidi Mon 07-Feb-11 16:11:06

still is I think squeaver - he was something to do with brothers and sisters and she's in that too. Mind you the lovely Michael isn't quite so gorgeous now...

Bertina Mon 07-Feb-11 16:12:36

I loved that show!

Is Sky Atlantic on freeview or just Sky?

1234ThumbWar Mon 07-Feb-11 16:12:54

I might be watching it smile.

When was it aired originally, I remember watching it and am fairly sure I wasn't 30 something myself.

I'm a day behind because it's on air just when it's school pickup, but the episode the other day where Hope's parents came to stay was scarily true to life.

The fashion is - interesting, I can't believe I ever thought they were all so stylish.

I also wanted to be Melissa.

kittya Mon 07-Feb-11 19:04:46

I think Michael looks miles better now and, Nancy doesnt look any older!!

I liked it at the time but that was because I had a pretentious boyfriend at the time who thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, especially Hope.

I couldnt bring myself to watch it now. Its too dated for me. I saw five minutes of the original ER today and flicked it over. I just cant revisit stuff.

I much prefer Brothers and Sisters, very similiar with better fashions!

kittya Tue 08-Feb-11 16:12:50

I caught five minutes of it and didnt have the patience so, I wont be bothering.

gilmoregirl Wed 09-Feb-11 23:10:27

Oh I loved Thirtysomething too.

I was 16 and used to watch it and wish I would grow up to marry Michael. So didn;t happen but never mind, still a few years left.

I am v jealous that I have virgin freeview so no revisiting for me. It is not available on dvd as I have tried to get it.


cheekyweebesom Wed 09-Feb-11 23:20:14

My waters broke during an episode of Thirtysomething back in the day - needless to say I didn't rush off to the hospital till it had finished grin

Am envy it's not on Virgin.

turnitup Thu 10-Feb-11 08:53:16

Im watching for the 1st time and quite enjoying it, although the ep with the 'argument' was just hmm

My mum was 30something when it was on 1st time round and I remember she loved it - now im 30something..

kittya Thu 10-Feb-11 09:31:02

Its too angsty for me. I will stick to Brothers and Sisters.

mejon Thu 10-Feb-11 19:28:36

Saw it 1st time around then watched the re-runs on More4 whilst feeding newborn DD1 4.5 years ago. I'm now watching it again with newborn DD2 and I'm no longer 30-something.

cjbartlett Sat 06-Aug-11 13:25:36

Im watching too
Why does Hope make such a meal of just one baby?! She doesn't stop moaning does she!!

kitya Sat 06-Aug-11 19:44:42

I never could abide her. I couldnt face watching it again.

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