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BBC1____________10.35pm_______QT ___for ______JT______

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RTKMonherBroomstick Thu 06-Oct-05 19:07:32



deegward Thu 06-Oct-05 19:08:48


RTKMonherBroomstick Thu 06-Oct-05 19:09:53


JT is the only fan afaik

if there are any others I will alert for them too

RTKMonherBroomstick Thu 06-Oct-05 20:18:16


RTKMonherBROOMSTICK Thu 13-Oct-05 16:14:25


Marina Thu 13-Oct-05 16:18:22

I'm sorry, RTKM, but at times I read your posts on this topic and think of...

The Loch Ness Monster's Song, by Edwin Morgan...

Hnwhuffl hhnnwfl hnfl hfl?
Gdroblboblhobngbl gbl gl g g g g glbgl.
Drublhaflablhaflubhafgabhaflhafl fl fl -
gm grawwwww grf grawf awfgm graw gm.
Hovoplodok - doplodovok - plovodokot - doplodokosh?
Splgraw fok fok splgrafhatchgabrlgabrl fok splfok!
Zgra kra gka fok!
Grof grawff gahf?
Gombl mbl bl -
blm plm,
blm plm,
blm plm,

Are you sure you are not a Martian Poet in disguise

RTKMonherBROOMSTICK Thu 13-Oct-05 16:21:15

No, it is how Kangas flirting and mating calls to other Kangas or dragons sound like

JoolsToo Thu 13-Oct-05 16:26:14

Thanks Kanga - you do look after me

RTKMonherBROOMSTICK Thu 13-Oct-05 16:29:05

you're welcome

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Nov-05 18:43:52


RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Nov-05 19:37:04


RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Nov-05 22:34:03


RTKangaMummy Thu 24-Nov-05 17:51:19


MistleToo Thu 24-Nov-05 17:54:42

whey-hey! thanks Kanga - you're an absolute diamond

RTKangaMummy Thu 24-Nov-05 17:55:36

Thanks MT

MistleToo Thu 24-Nov-05 17:56:56

GDG started recording it now!

RTKangaMummy Thu 24-Nov-05 17:57:26

RTKangaSantaMummy Thu 08-Dec-05 21:19:21


RTKangaSantaMummy Thu 08-Dec-05 22:07:28


RTKangaSantaMummy Thu 08-Dec-05 22:36:28


RTKangaSantaMummy Thu 08-Dec-05 22:38:42

IT IS THE LAST ONE TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RTKangaMummy Thu 12-Jan-06 18:11:16

new series starts tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!

RTKangaMummy Thu 12-Jan-06 18:42:09

helloooooooooooooooooooo are you out there JT?????

RTKangaMummy Thu 12-Jan-06 19:37:45


RTKangaMummy Thu 12-Jan-06 20:29:11

helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo where are you???????????????

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