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what's happened to the new series of the mentalist?

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zisforzebra Fri 14-Jan-11 22:38:24

They seen to have shown repeats since coming back after Christmas. The new season can't be over already surely?

bsmirched Fri 14-Jan-11 22:41:37

We were wondering that too!!

ktwiltshire Fri 14-Jan-11 23:49:48

its taking a mid-season they do in america, probably back end of jan...will google

ktwiltshire Fri 14-Jan-11 23:52:06

as far as i can see ep10 was aired 17th dec on five, the santa episode, it says the next episode is ep14 on 21st jan...not sure where 11-13 have gone though, not on the 5 website, will look into further

ktwiltshire Fri 14-Jan-11 23:54:39

looks like ep11 didnt air in the states until jan 6th and ep12 airs on jan 20th

im just confused now, can anyone shed light???

zisforzebra Sun 16-Jan-11 17:26:22

I looked on the 5 website and it said that Friday's episode was first aired on Fri Jan 14th 2011 which was weird because it was definitely part of the previous reason.

ktwiltshire Sun 16-Jan-11 19:45:49

i saw that as well, still very confused

purepurple Sun 16-Jan-11 19:50:23

I was wondering this too.

whatkungfuthat Sun 16-Jan-11 20:19:29

Not helping that the C5 announcer said it was 'new season' when this weeks was from season 1

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