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Peppa Pig

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CupcakesHay Tue 11-Jan-11 22:19:41

Can anyone tell me when Peppa Pig is on TV and what channel please???

Thanks smile

Doramustdie Tue 11-Jan-11 22:21:22

Milkshake every morning on channel five, beware lots of adverts. Amazon DVDs your best bet.

Pesha Tue 11-Jan-11 22:22:31

Nick Junior and nick jr 2, 615 and 620 on sky, its on most of the day (or feels like it!)!

CupcakesHay Tue 11-Jan-11 22:23:31

Brill. It's just for my mum, she knits toys and is doing an amazing Peppa pig for my friend's DD - and so we were both a bit curious as to what the show is like!

mammamia25 Tue 11-Jan-11 23:02:34

On Channel 5 Peppa usually comes on around 8.15am, weekdays.

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