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A quick question about the EE storyline

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Extremelychocolatey Fri 07-Jan-11 13:58:55

I don't watch EE but have seen all the protests about the harrowing storyline. I don't mean to be trite but how did Kat and Alfie not notice that the baby in their cot wasn't their baby?

Marne Fri 07-Jan-11 14:00:38

because its not real grin

I think that they have seriously f*cked up on the story line, no mother would mistake another baby as their own. I refuse to watch it.

Hai1988 Fri 07-Jan-11 18:00:35

Well a few hours after birth, kat got rushed to hospital and alfie when with her, so they didnt really spend much time with there newborn.

Plus i suspect that the baby would look alot diffrent dead, wouldnt it sad

goodmanners Fri 07-Jan-11 18:07:23

kat never really got to see it from what i saw but then enough that when went to identify it she sai thats not my baby but dont thnk anyone thought she ment THATS NOT MY BABY, is a pile of shit but i love it grin

Extremelychocolatey Fri 07-Jan-11 20:02:31

Ah thank you.

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