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Anyone been watching Stargazing Live ?

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Avantia Wed 05-Jan-11 06:54:20

My two love it , even though school starts today we let them stay up to see it last night (I'll pay for that shortly when I get them up !)

According to Wikipedia Dara Obriain studied Maths and Theoretical Physics at Dublin University.

My Dh has ordered one of the Planispheres from Amazon after the programme last night.

Last one tonight I believe..

blizzlj Wed 05-Jan-11 10:31:35

Its fantastic - could listen to Prof Cox all day long. Will also be buying a planisphere!!

Avantia Wed 05-Jan-11 11:41:47

Is it just us two then ?

I was up at 6am this morning and cloud had cleared and still dark, was standing on patio in dressing gown looking through DS telescope grin

DasherandSmugly Wed 05-Jan-11 11:44:03

We've been watching and it's been fab. Love Brian Cox and thought the bit where they showed you how to take photos of the stars was amazing. Couldn't see the eclipse though as too cloudy.

FiveFeetTwo Wed 05-Jan-11 11:48:39

Dh and I are loving it. He's a space geek at the best of times and is in astronomy heaven this week.

Really informative and entertaining stuff. I was very cynical when I saw that Dara Obriain was co hosting it but it's been an inspired choice.

WowOoo Wed 05-Jan-11 11:49:12

I watched as much as I could. Evne though I was rudely interrupted a few times.

I am sure I have a planisphere....somewhere.

Avantia Wed 05-Jan-11 11:49:21

No eclipse here either due to cloud. I think Dara is good and very much a dark horse , although think they could have got someone beter than Jonathan Ross.

I thought last night was good when the meteor went through the sky LIVE as other presenter was speaking .

lazarusinNazareth Thu 06-Jan-11 16:07:33

I thought Jonathon Ross ruined it a bit for me.
But other than that we found it very interesting and enjoyed it (despite seeing beggar all but cloud for the last week!).

pawsnclaws Thu 06-Jan-11 16:48:05

Really liked it - wish it was on earlier for the dcs though. Cloudy and rainy here all week sadly.

Prolesworth Thu 06-Jan-11 16:48:55

Message withdrawn

cece Thu 06-Jan-11 17:21:43

More TV like this please smile

nickelbabyjesus Thu 06-Jan-11 17:27:38

I don't like Jonathan Ross, but the fact he's a blubbering buffoon was kind of a good polan, because it shows that anyone can do stargazing...
(although, I'm sure they just did it to get a "name" on)

I really enjoyed the series.
I was in two inds whether to watch it, because it could have been dul, dull,dull, but it was very well done.

Loved the links with the scopes in Hawaii as well.

nickelbabyjesus Thu 06-Jan-11 17:28:34

oh, yeah, and I loved Brian Cox - saw him on somethign else a coupld of weeks ago, and that was the first time I'd come across him.

He was totally unflappable!

Catsmamma Thu 06-Jan-11 17:31:03

Yes...we watched it, and really enjoyed it

if it was not sad beyond all belief I'd write a letter to say it made the license fee worthwhile!

I really hope they do more!

And don't forget that Brian Cox's new prog is on in March!

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