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Tracey in Corrie?

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ilovemyhens Tue 04-Jan-11 23:36:01

Do you think Tracey will wake up from her coma and have been magically transformed into a nice person?

Perhaps the brain injury will have somehow reset her brain and she'll become a nun or something grin

I think nutty Mary did it grin

droves Wed 05-Jan-11 00:28:30

Not a chance . Corrie gets too many stories from "evil tracey".

My theory she will awaken after somebody has been wrongly jailed for the injury .
She will know all along who/what happened , but will use it to gain Amy back from Steve .Or even Steve himself.

She might get fake amnesia, and pretend to be good.

flinginghasflung Wed 05-Jan-11 00:31:06

Yes! Nutty Mary! No to nice. But if she is injured long term, how will they cope with two invalids in that tiny house?

Monadami Wed 05-Jan-11 03:13:26

I think Nutty Mary did it too. Tracey is truely evil, it's shocking.

ilovetulips Wed 05-Jan-11 09:48:39

Nah not on your nelly

Lynli Wed 05-Jan-11 10:58:49

I thought it was Claire.

What was the actress that plays the police woman in before?

Bomper Wed 05-Jan-11 11:08:25

I recognise her too, was she in Brookie?

desiretochange Wed 05-Jan-11 11:15:44

I thought she was Jasmine in Emmerdale but not too sure??

Bomper Wed 05-Jan-11 11:20:05

According to Wiki she played Kareena Ferreira in the BBC soap opera EastEnders!!

5inthebed Wed 05-Jan-11 11:27:53

I think it was Claire.

Wasn't the policewoman the Masoods daughter in EE?

Hai1988 Wed 05-Jan-11 11:38:58

Yeah thats right Bomper

ProfYaffle Wed 05-Jan-11 13:58:05

My money's on Mary too. She has form on Norris.

TimeForACHEEKYWine Wed 05-Jan-11 14:14:46

Its Claire who did it. Good on Claire.

also Tracey apparently gets a job in the rovers!!!

TimeForACHEEKYWine Wed 05-Jan-11 14:15:20

The police women was the ferrera daughter in EE.

Housewife2010 Wed 05-Jan-11 22:28:29

The policeman has been in Corrie before. He went out with Toyah & slept with maria, I think.

kittya Thu 06-Jan-11 09:25:38

What happened to Toyah? you would think she would show her face for Leeanne.

Tracey is going to use this to get Amy back.

So, theres no custody battle over the baby then that was just a rumour by the looks of it?

Where did Carmens bin man go? I liked him.

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