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Gary: Tank Commander

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Maisiethemorningsidecat Fri 31-Dec-10 17:52:01

I've just found this - bloody brilliant grin

Alibobster Sat 01-Jan-11 10:16:31

It's good isn't it

bakingtray Sat 01-Jan-11 10:18:24

Me and kids love it and even more impressed that the bloke that plays Gary also writes the shows

Alibobster Sat 01-Jan-11 11:26:59

I think there's a new series starting, or maybe it's already started

Maisiethemorningsidecat Sat 01-Jan-11 11:32:02

The new series was advertised last night on TV and starts next week smile. I agree Bakingtray, it's great the main character also writes the show - massive talent.

mozette Sat 01-Jan-11 21:18:01

I missed the first series but will definitely be watching the new one.

Maisiethemorningsidecat Sat 01-Jan-11 21:22:02

There are some very funny clips on Youtube - the one about cheesy pasta is very good (although very un-pc, it has to be said blush)

vmcd28 Mon 03-Jan-11 21:23:18

New series starts in an hour, actually!
Well worth watching, very funny

JoBettany Fri 14-Jan-11 23:19:37

Absolutely hilarious! I missed the first series so have just started watching the second one. So, so funny. I love the music/dancing clips.grin

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