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Emmerdale...the policeman..

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geordieminx Thu 30-Dec-10 19:22:22

Is he a baddy d'ya think?

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:23:04

yes, i think he wrecked the house.

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel Thu 30-Dec-10 19:23:45

I think he is a baddy. Definitely not a goody.

deemented Thu 30-Dec-10 19:25:43

I'm with Boo.

geordieminx Thu 30-Dec-10 19:28:08

Yes, that's what I thought too, and the dodgy calls...he's gonna try and set Andy up isn't he

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:29:48

yes, i think taht's what he is at. poor andy. he has his issues with katie but he isn't responsible for this...i don't think.

FiaGrace Thu 30-Dec-10 19:30:24

I agree. Is it me though or is he a crap actor??

lifeinagoldfishbowl Thu 30-Dec-10 19:30:33

Yep he's a baddy

whatshallmynamebe Thu 30-Dec-10 19:31:03

Changing the subject slightly, can anyone remind me where Michael Feldman went, I seem to remember him being in prison for some reason - or am I imagining that?

I love it when they bring old characters back, so often soaps never remember anyone who hasn't been in it for 5 years.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:33:42

who is michael feldman?

i think they have quite a few crap actors in soapland ATM. lizzy, Glenda in EE, eddie windass. i could go on! grin

whatshallmynamebe Thu 30-Dec-10 19:39:09

Oh god don't get me started on Lizzie! Michael Feldman is the son of Eric's 1st (?) wife Elizabeth, who disappeared following the plane crash. No-one ever knew if she died in the crash or if Eric killed her. I can't remember exactly what happened but they had fallen out at the time and Eric was suspected by a number of people.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:40:01

ooh, i can't remember all that. i was7 when the plane crash happened! grin

whatshallmynamebe Thu 30-Dec-10 19:40:15

To answer the original question, I also think that the policeman is dodgy grin

whatshallmynamebe Thu 30-Dec-10 19:40:41

oh god I am so old!!!

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:42:27


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