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Christmas Lectures

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Flossie69 Wed 29-Dec-10 20:13:25

Is anyone else watching the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures? They are fascinating, and DS (11) is totally entranced. This has got to be better than Hollyoaks!!!

Jbck Thu 30-Dec-10 00:37:49

We watched on Tuesday and have Wednesday's recorded. DD1 (9) loved the crash test hamster and dog smile

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 30-Dec-10 00:43:24

Ooh, glad they are a good set this year. We are Skyplussing them but haven't watched yet.

Jbck Thu 30-Dec-10 11:13:23

I'm trying to introduce 'plussing' into everday usage but no one's taken me up on it yet, perhaps we could start a trend grin

onimolap Thu 30-Dec-10 15:57:24

I love watching the lectures - sadly only caught one broadcast this year. But RI do sell them on DVD - usually out around March.

If you're in London, you might want to watch out for the RI family days too.

Katisha Fri 31-Dec-10 13:39:19

We actually managed to get to the first one in person. V good.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Fri 31-Dec-10 14:09:12

How do you get real tickets, Katisha? It's been something I've always liked the idea of but assumed it was carefully-invited school groups or similar.

Katisha Fri 31-Dec-10 14:19:17

Well I got in under the wire and managed to get what seemed to be the last remaining tickets once they went on sale to the general public. If you are a member of the RI you can buy them earlier.
You have to be over 11 to go in the actual lecture theatre so DH went in with DS1 and DS2 and I watched on a big screen from the library there.
Basically I had the RI website on favourites and kept checking when they were going on sale.

PandaG Fri 31-Dec-10 14:23:03

watched first one, will watch the others. Christmas lectures have been a feature of my Christmas ever since i was a teen, really glad the DC enjoy them with us too!

onimolap Fri 31-Dec-10 14:28:26

ProfessorLayton: via the Royal Institution's website. They sell out quickly though - priority booking for RI members.

I took DS a few years ago to 2 of the live lectures - Hugh Montgomery on The Science of Survival. Wonderful lectures, and interesting to see bits and pieces of how they do the filming.

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