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what is it about this new man in emmerdale?

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ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 29-Dec-10 13:48:05

teh one that works in the factory with Lisa and drinks with her in the pub. moustache. gets funny looks on his face when the little boy went missing and just now he mentioned to Zac (chaz's dAD!!!) that she has some 'cracking outfits' as she is leaning drunkenly over the bar. the camera lingers on him a bit too long.

so is tehre a storyline coming up with him?

86Pinkle Wed 29-Dec-10 14:25:03

Wasn't Shadrach Chaz's dad, Zac is her uncle? Can't answer your main question sorry!

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 29-Dec-10 14:47:03

oh yeah, you're right, i was getting confused because Zac is cain's dad and chaz is cain's sister.!!

Goandplay Wed 29-Dec-10 15:08:47

I was thinking this last night. I think he likes Lisa and they may have a story line later on?

deemented Wed 29-Dec-10 15:12:07

I think he's a bit of a physcho and has a fixation on Lisa. I think, iirc, he assaults Lisa but Lisa is scared to say anything in case people think she led him on.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 29-Dec-10 15:13:15

yes he seems to always be finding reasons to be with her doesn't he? i just thought the comment about chaz's outfits was a bit weird and it got me thinking what his 'story' was.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 29-Dec-10 15:14:33

ooh xpost deemented. i was wondering if he was maybe a danger to someone but not sure who. at first i thought the little boy who went missing because of the interest he took in it an the camera lingering but then teh boy was found.

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