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goodmanners Mon 27-Dec-10 18:30:14

Loved it last night but was gutted at the end with Mel dying - had not realised he was dead in real life and was sure he would be the santa in the car at the end - benidorm wont be the same without him sad

TigerseyeMum Mon 27-Dec-10 23:03:39

Oh I didn't realise he was really dead I love that programme.

maryjane71 Mon 27-Dec-10 23:23:34

They were real tears from the cast, it had me sobbing

thenightsky Tue 28-Dec-10 00:30:21

oooooh didn't realise he was dead in RL sad

I watched it this afternoon (recorded it the oother day)

I was weeping at the end when snow fell.

Darnsarfupnorf Tue 28-Dec-10 00:32:21

first time ive seen my dad cry since the dog died!at benidorm of all things!!

was a bit miffed it wasnt as funny as it normaly is but thought it was such a lovely tribute to him

DioneTheDiabolist Tue 28-Dec-10 00:34:49

The Mel dying thing was very touching, but it really wasn't that funny. I was disappointed that I missed Upstairs Downstairs for it.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 28-Dec-10 10:47:09

agree benidorm wasnt that funny, but they did have to change the script/plot as think i read he died a week before filming

it was a good tribute to him

gregssausageroll Tue 28-Dec-10 10:53:56

We didn't find it funny at all but it was a good ending. Sad that he died.

BenHer Tue 28-Dec-10 13:18:32

Very poor by Benidorm standards(I'm normally a huge fan).Totally eclipsed by the Royale family this year.

Numberfour Tue 28-Dec-10 20:06:55

It was the first time I'd watched Benidorm and I loved it. I will definitely keep an eye out for future episodes (Royle Family admittedly beat it hands down, though).

maryjane71 Tue 28-Dec-10 21:30:12

I thought Mick had turned into Jim Royle a bit too much, then he actually said 'my arse' smile

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