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why is special agent oso a special agent when he can't do things like make a salad?

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doradaisy Wed 22-Dec-10 15:44:14

i put this question to you all!

also, is that 'three special steps' song strangely addictive or what? they should release it as a dance record

queenofboak Wed 22-Dec-10 15:58:35

I know!

Plus, has anyone noticed the 'countdown' at the end is never correct 15 seconds takes about 20 hmm

The music is evil and addictive grin

doradaisy Wed 22-Dec-10 16:39:42

it's true!! they always stop the countdown to say things like 'hurry up oso'

the time warp that is playhouse disney

doradaisy Wed 22-Dec-10 16:41:09

i reckon oso is just a nice guy. mr. dose doesn't have the balls to fire him

smellmycheese Wed 22-Dec-10 17:15:25

he can't tie his own shoelaces, but he can drive a powerful sports car confused

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