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kerry katona and this sniffing thing she does

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ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Tue 21-Dec-10 20:56:38

what's all that about? i know she's clean and does teh tests to prove it so what's this sniffing thing about? and is she still on antiDs and is that why her speech is still slurred?

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Tue 21-Dec-10 20:57:40

she's had lots of practise

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Tue 21-Dec-10 22:58:52

do you think it's just habit then? she was so used to doing it she just keeps on doing it?

BigBoldAndBeautiful Wed 22-Dec-10 00:26:51

Maybe she is coming down with a cold?grin

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:28:50

maybe so there is a nasty one about, I've got it right slurring though!!

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 22-Dec-10 00:29:07

It's probably down to the massive hole in her septum.

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 00:31:13

She was definitely sniffing when when she came out of the bathroom where she was talking to herself. hmm

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:31:38

has she damaged her septum? i didn't know that. will she be doing a daniella and sniff so hard she collapses the whole thing?

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:32:13

was that on tonight's show monty? i didn't see it all as was Mning grin

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:33:07

i tell you what this guy--> hmm looks like the bah humbug at the christmas party! grin

MummieHunnie Wed 22-Dec-10 00:33:29

I missed this weeks, I didn't notice sniffing last week, I did notice slurring, she said she was off the meds and drugs, so I thought she must be drinking then?

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:35:52

i don't know. i didn't notice it at the bootcamp on tonight's show but i did notice it alot when she was talking to the camera the morning after she went to the party at eltons so maybe alcohol?

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 00:37:23

Boo, well, it was the one I watched tonight when she was going to Elton's charity bash. I was mning and stuff too so wasn't watching it that closely but my dd 17 was commenting abt the sniffing so my ears and eyes pricked up.

I can't see Claire the manager being so naive as to have her around if she was still taking coke to be fair.

Who knows.

It's a tragic tale. Taking coke at length usually is. Not that I do, but I've seen it.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 00:42:13

well both claire and teh other guy on teh management team have stated very clearly that her terms and conditions of contract are very strict. the drug tests are a condition of her being under their management, so i doubt she is using again. it's just strange that these characteristics reappear from time to time. and i don't know why but i have a real sneaking suspicion that this new bloke is cut from the same cloth as "maaaak"

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 01:19:57

Boo - yes I wasn't impressed either. Poor woman.

Last chance saloon with Claire and her team I think.

I'm not that fussed about KK but I hate to watch people ruining their, and their dc's lives.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 01:29:56

yes, my first thought when i saw him BBQing for them was "please don't have any more children, you aren't there yet"

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 01:37:17

I hope for everyone's sake she doesn't get involved with him. As I say I wasn't watching it that closely but I hope Claire looks out for her.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 01:40:45

yes i think clair will definitely be teh positive thing that KK needs but KK is stil; very muck KK and has an addictive personality, it may not be drugs she goes back to but she craves teh high drama, she craves the familiarity of warrington where all the family shit is and she craves men liek her EXH. that is an awful lot of things she is giving up to be with claire and her team and kerry being kerry, i think it's most definitely not a done deal that she is out of teh woods with any of those 'addiction' which of course would mean and end to claire.

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 01:43:54

I would agree with every single word you've just said. KK's prob getting rehab support too, not just from Claire iyswim. I'd hate to see this chance fail, not because I'm a great fan or anything, just hate to see the waste.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Wed 22-Dec-10 01:47:34

same here, she is getting such a great chance and those children are too which is what would be my driving force. lets hope that she can wean herself away from her past an realise she doesn't need it all.

gregssausageroll Wed 22-Dec-10 13:39:09

I've not watched it but I do believe she has to have weekly drugs tests for her contract with Claire. Like above posters, I hope she doesn't ruin her chance and she's back on THis Morning in a couple of years time explaining this current behavious pattern.

Will be interesting to see how she goes on DOI.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 22-Dec-10 13:50:01

I think here management would probably be blase if she is caught taking again.

It will be another 6 figure sum for a story in the NOTW about 'my cocaine shame' which Claire could get a cut of.

She is tested for cocaine, perhaps she is snorting something else.

I think KK is a complete loser who had more than her fair share of lucky breaks - i wish she would just bugger off out of it.

Monty27 Wed 22-Dec-10 15:52:14

Getorf grin

Well, yes, she's had more chances than most.

Pinkjenny Wed 22-Dec-10 15:56:57

How cute is Heidi, though?

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