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Top Gear repeat specials

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drysockswellies Mon 20-Dec-10 10:28:04

Does anyone else watch TG repeats on Dave? Have been watching a special where they went to Bolivia/Chile and are chopping down bits of the rainforest so they can drive through. How do they get clearence to do that?

And is it all of it for real? driving up death road, all the breakdowns and stuff. Or is it just entertainment and i'm reading too much into it? Or maybe i need to watch How do they do it?

scarletbegonia Mon 20-Dec-10 13:48:03

I saw a bit of that one yesterday, I'm pretty sure a lot of it is set up. It definitely was on the USA one. I didn't see the bit about chopping down trees but you'd hope that the BBC is responsible enough to make sure it wasn't an endangered area.

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