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Enders: Phil's wall paper

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HarkTheTragicalyHipHeraldAngel Fri 17-Dec-10 23:29:43

Who else can't stand the site of it??!

It's horrible and driving me mad!! Can't look at it any more..

bossyboop Fri 17-Dec-10 23:37:56

dont know about that but shirleys bog brush hair my god!

HarkTheTragicalyHipHeraldAngel Fri 17-Dec-10 23:43:20


HarkTheTragicalyHipHeraldAngel Fri 17-Dec-10 23:44:18

And the fecking too short skirt and fuck me boots..bleurgh!

MummieHunnie Fri 17-Dec-10 23:52:05

agree with all above yuck!

thegirlwiththemouseyhair Sat 18-Dec-10 16:08:19

Totally with you on the wallpaper and I don't even watch EE - but I occasionally wander by whilst dd is watching it and mention the ghastliness of the wallpaper every time.

And Glenda's flat must get the Most Inappropriate Use of a Lovely William Morris Wallpaper award.

In fact thinking about it who on the square does have decent interior design? grin

mulledjooseyfruit Sat 18-Dec-10 16:11:00

it's all the coloured gloss work they have that's so odd,
what's wrong with a nice f&b eggshell?

and the fact they never have their curtains open (I know it's all filmed in a massive studio!), so dingey.

pagwatch Sat 18-Dec-10 16:15:15

Is it the William Morris print?

I know a woman who spent a fortune doing up her dining room so that it was authentic for the period, including £12,000 on an antique dining table and William Morris wall paper.
Then there it is on an eastenders ad.

I didn't laugh

MummieHunnie Sat 18-Dec-10 18:06:06

I don't like Cat and Alfie's living room wall either!

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