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Glee - child friendly?

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SofaQueen Tue 14-Dec-10 18:30:36

Question for all you Gleeks out there - I am loading up my iTunes for a snowed-in holiday and am looking for things which would be entertaining for all of us (parents and 7 year old). DS1 is an x factor lover and thought that Glee sounded fun for both parents and child to watch, however I have never seen the show before and know very little about it. Would it be appropriate for him to view?

Also, any other suggestions would be appreciated(I don't watch tele besides X factor so am fairly out of it).

c0rnsillky Tue 14-Dec-10 18:33:16

definitely not!

TheYuleLogLady Tue 14-Dec-10 18:35:19

possibly for the 7 yr old but not the aged Ps grin

actually no. there's a fair bit of highschool sex involved.

Clayhead Tue 14-Dec-10 18:36:12

I personally wouldn't watch it with my dc (7 & 8) although we sometimes watch just the songs.

Actually, I have decided that there are some episodes which would be fine but then others wouldn't be for me; for example, the premature ejaculation storyline crops up in several episodes...

SofaQueen Tue 14-Dec-10 18:38:46

Oh. I am downloading as I type, but I guess it will be for parents only - don't want to have to try and explain ejaculation to a curious 7 year old. I am looking forward to watching it though to see what all the fuss is about.

c0rnsillky Tue 14-Dec-10 18:43:15

I watched it with ds (12) and had to explain a few things! I let ds9 watch the bit where the football team do Beyonce but didn't realise that directly before one of them says 'I had sex with your mother in your bed.' He was very shocked (as was I!)

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