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The Street's on fire, so where are the bloody ambulances and fire engines?!

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Icoulddoitbetter Tue 07-Dec-10 20:55:52

Ok I know it's all about dramatic effect, but it's sent in Manchester, not bloody Iraq! The street would be teaming with blue lights by now. They're playing it like a post-apocalyptic nightmare and I'm a bit annoyed...!!!!

ivorytower Tue 07-Dec-10 20:58:47

Apparantly on the motorway seeing to a RTA hmm

ivorytower Tue 07-Dec-10 20:59:42

And wasn't there anybody on the tram???

gregssausageroll Tue 07-Dec-10 21:04:18

Me too!

Icoulddoitbetter Tue 07-Dec-10 21:04:41

Still really annoyed! They wouldn't have sent every single ambulance in the region to the M62. Gahhhh!

Housewife2010 Tue 07-Dec-10 22:36:09

It's really icy here in the North at the moment. That will slow them down too...Or am I starting to lose contact with reality?..

choppychopster Tue 07-Dec-10 22:40:40

At least 27 minutes before the emergency services arrived. Shocking!

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