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Can anyone tell me what music Gavin danced to on Strictly last night?

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MrsFogi Sun 05-Dec-10 22:41:04

I'm not doing well finding out on google and dd loved it so I'd like to get it on iTunes.

sharbie Sun 05-Dec-10 22:53:05

not sure of title but from blues brothers?

scurryfunge Sun 05-Dec-10 22:56:43

Was it Minnie the Moocher?

KatyMac Sun 05-Dec-10 22:58:06

I think so

DH started off saying it wasn't much of a Quickstep......I said just you wait & bam off they went

sharbie Sun 05-Dec-10 22:59:05

foxtrot wasn't it katymac?

scurryfunge Sun 05-Dec-10 22:59:16


aristomache Sun 05-Dec-10 23:00:32

Yeah it was minnie the moocher

KatyMac Sun 05-Dec-10 23:00:36

Wasn't listening to DH tbh.......often don't

Wouldn't fancy foxtrotting to it myself, but I am somewhat lazy

AvengingGerbil Sun 05-Dec-10 23:03:13

It was Minnie the Moocher, which was originally(?) done by Cab Calloway (he certainly did it in the film). There is a hilarious version of it by Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Wooster.

Both the Calloway and the J&W are on youtube.

KatyMac Sun 05-Dec-10 23:03:31

Looking at the video while it might be a foxtrot.....those steps in the middle were very quickstep like

& Bruno agreed with me

sharbie Sun 05-Dec-10 23:04:59

yy def quickstep steps in it

MrsFogi Mon 06-Dec-10 00:03:49

mn is wonderful - thank to purchase Minnie the Moocher...hopefully dd won't listen to the lyrics too carefully!

marantha Mon 06-Dec-10 11:07:30

'Minnie the Moocher' as performed by Cab Calloway in 'The Blues Brothers'.
It's performed by him in the film while waiting for Elwood and Jake to arrive for their concert.
Not that I've actually seen the film 100 times or anything.

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