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harold Gloockler

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alypaly Sat 04-Dec-10 00:02:00

who thinks harold glookler at the end of his promo video sounds like Boris Becker..."dis iz show time"

mejon Sat 04-Dec-10 12:15:53

No idea but he looks like the evil offspring of David Guest/Gest and Prince. Is he for real or some kind of spoof?

alypaly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:03:44

you are so right...he does look like david guest. my handbag needs a chair...what i dick

alypaly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:04:10

he has had so much botox ,he is hideous

twirlymum Sat 04-Dec-10 20:19:16

I thought it was a spoof, like Bruno?

alypaly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:22:54

who is bruno?

twirlymum Sat 04-Dec-10 21:53:49

Bruno is a fashionista character played by Sacha Baron Cohen

alypaly Sun 05-Dec-10 09:00:48

oh thankyou,i had never heard of them.

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