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Stacey and Ryan in Eastenders!

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sailorsgal Mon 29-Nov-10 20:29:49

isn't it a bit cold to do it on the bonnet of Dot's car. shock

CountessVonKnackerstein Mon 29-Nov-10 20:32:32

That was eastenders porn!

goodmanners Mon 29-Nov-10 20:34:00

clearly they must have a micro climate in Walford - mid you i wouldnt say no to RYan but not with the baby in the car thats WRONG!

sailorsgal Mon 29-Nov-10 20:34:04

Yes it was a bit shocking before 9pm.

I presume lily was asleep.

Fatimalovesbread Mon 29-Nov-10 21:01:52

I wouldn't mind a bit of Ryan either grin

PictureThis Mon 29-Nov-10 21:04:24

and on the bonnet of Dot's car tooshock

mollymax Mon 29-Nov-10 21:11:02

All I was thinking was there were no seat belts in the back of Dots car, and the baby's seat was in the back! Shows I need to lighten up!

StripeyMoon Tue 30-Nov-10 11:16:35

I could only think about how cold they must be and also how wet and dirty (hmm) her ugg boots were as she wrapped them round his legs <old fart emoticon>

PuppyMonkey Tue 30-Nov-10 11:18:56

I was thinking that if Dot saw , she'd go: "Ooh, I say!"

tillytips Tue 30-Nov-10 14:20:22

lol, that's all my hubby could say "not on Dot's car, that's just so wrong"

5GoldenFimbos Tue 30-Nov-10 14:22:25

My dh was amazed that they found a bonking place where no-one was around in daylight. (speaking from experience of not being able to find anywhere to go in the car in darkness - grin).

booyhoo Tue 30-Nov-10 20:32:32

agree with you all. i jsut kept thing. "it's all wrong" grin
location, dot's car, baby in car, stacey's boots but even worse was that he then went hom and di teh same with yucky janine. how could he??? he's disgusting. put me right off him now sad

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 30-Nov-10 21:53:18

mollymax same here, I thought the exact same thing.

And I hate it that Lily is in a Silver Cross car seat (rear facing) always facing forwards and then tonight Stacey put the seat on a Mamas and Papas chassis.

basic details Eastenders, Sort. It. Out.

Dot would have been horrified!

tegan Wed 01-Dec-10 15:46:34

just the basics of having sex with her wearing leggings was baffling me.

and what did she mop up with

and did they use contraception, cos i can't see him needing to cary a condom round with him

booyhohoho Wed 01-Dec-10 15:48:21

i wondered that too tegan, about contraception. but i still keep shuddering at the thought that he went straight home and put it in janine, unwashed or anything. eugh!

StripeyMoon Thu 02-Dec-10 11:30:22

'what did she mop up with' grin

hattymattie Thu 02-Dec-10 18:09:40

Yup - noticed the boots too but where was the snow? They must have filmed months in advance. I must be really boring - I'm never up for it if it's too cold - even if the sheets are cold never mind outside in sub-zero temperatures.

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Thu 02-Dec-10 21:43:39

I think they're three months ahead so already filming for March. I remember last year when it snowed, they didn't have it on eastenders til about Feb and ours had all gone!

tegan Fri 03-Dec-10 07:31:05

oh come on hatty no matter what the weather i'm sure i would let ryan have it anywhere at anytime with who ever watching on

hattymattie Fri 03-Dec-10 14:23:18

Not Ryan - maybe Masood (see Massood thread)
thinking hard here - no not even Masood outside in cold weather.

mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 04-Dec-10 15:06:35

Crappy stroyline.... anyone who marries Janine knowing everything they do about her would not cheat on her with Stacey./#

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