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Eastenders Xmas

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Alibobster Sun 21-Nov-10 21:53:36

Read in the paper today what the Xmas storyline is going to be regarding Ronnie. I know it's not real but this is just far to depressing and upsetting.

gregssausageroll Mon 22-Nov-10 07:21:29

About the baby? There have been complaints made to the beeb about it by some mums on here.

Rockbird Mon 22-Nov-10 07:33:24

It is horrible. I won't be watching EE anymore once Christmas is over.

Alibobster Mon 22-Nov-10 15:37:38

Gregs, love your name - could just go one of them right now

Hai1988 Mon 22-Nov-10 15:42:14

The whole ronnie baby thing is the new years eve/day storyline.

The xmas storyline is staceys exit

ChickensHaveNoMercyForTurkeys Mon 22-Nov-10 15:44:44

Hang on, are you telling me that Ronnie's baby is going to die? Because I do not want to watch that at Christmas FFS.

Hai1988 Mon 22-Nov-10 15:52:17

here you go

Be warned serious spoliers

ChickensHaveNoMercyForTurkeys Mon 22-Nov-10 15:55:55

Nope, not watching it. Off to the naughty step, 'Stenders writers.

Rockbird Mon 22-Nov-10 16:01:10

I'm watching up till New Year as all is happy then, babies born etc. The drama starts, as Hai1988 said, on NYE so I won't be watching that episode, or any after. Shame, cos I used to love EE.

Hai1988 Mon 22-Nov-10 16:09:37

Will xmas be happy tho rockbird?

I mean stacey's exit could be very sad/dramatic

Quenelle Wed 24-Nov-10 13:28:01

I decided last night not to watch it any more. I'm especially glad now after reading that.

I got sick of Stacey's baby being involved in so many stories. There wasn't a week that went by that she wasn't exposed to some terrible peril. And then everyone was completely over it by the next scene.

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