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Haha children in need East Street Endersnation is actually quite funny.

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WilfShelf Fri 19-Nov-10 21:09:26

Against all odds.

I am loving the slightly self-referential intertextual postmodernism of it all.

And who knew they'd all had so much surgery?

<haven't watched either in years>

duckyfuzz Fri 19-Nov-10 21:10:57

Just turned over, its great!

lolster Fri 19-Nov-10 21:13:32

Oh do you think the fact that Aileen said the trams would be the death of her is a hint.

EvaLongoria Fri 19-Nov-10 21:14:15

Was quite fun, but only 15 mins long. I thought it might be at least 30 mins. But at least was fun

WilfShelf Fri 19-Nov-10 21:15:28

I have no idea. I don't know who any bugger is: I don't watch. it's on because the kids have thumbscrews on my toes.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Fri 19-Nov-10 21:17:31

I thought it was very funny.

AfternoonsandCoffeespoons Fri 19-Nov-10 21:28:31

lolster wondered that myself!! Hope not, I quite like Eileen. sad

florencepink Fri 19-Nov-10 21:35:29

Just came on here to say how worried about Eileen Grimshaw I am now!

Mollycat1 Fri 19-Nov-10 23:33:25

I thought the reference to the tram sounds like a big hint to me of someone who dies but then again it could be a red herring!!

ProfYaffle Sat 20-Nov-10 06:39:07

I thought it was great. I was surprised how many genuine parallels there are between the character. I particularly liked Gayle competing with fellow tragic (but cockney) storyliner.

(Dont' watch EE, don't know what her name is)

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 10:50:06

Yes I thought Gayle was very funny.

I think Eileen will go, I thought the point of the tram crash was to get rid of the dull characters. However her stealing from the boss storyline is brewing

muggglewump Sat 20-Nov-10 10:52:05

I loved it, bit then I watch both soaps.
I liked Zainab and Eileen and the gay sons bit.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 10:54:12

Yes that was funny as well.

taintedpaint Sat 20-Nov-10 10:59:17

The whole thing was quite brilliant, but Gail and Denise was the stand out.

PuppyMonkey Sat 20-Nov-10 11:01:11

Loved it, it made me want them to do more. Gail is a legend.

DramaInPyjamas Sat 20-Nov-10 11:06:47

I missed it. Is it on iPlayer or YouTube?

Lydwatt Sat 20-Nov-10 11:18:46

I thought it showed just how many story lines they nick from each other wink

UnquietDad Sat 20-Nov-10 17:06:22

I didn't watch, but I only hope it was better than "Dimensions in Time" (the last Eastenders CiN crossover - with Doctor Who in 1993...)

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