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Is Stuart from The Apprentice...

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LoopyLoops Wed 17-Nov-10 22:13:18

... actually David Brent from The Office?

Or just based on him?

HeavenForfend Wed 17-Nov-10 22:15:08

DH said exactly the same thing.

Poor BaggsTheBrand. He was v lucky this week. But, to be fair, he did have to rein in his extreme masculinity in that task.

StripeyMoon Thu 18-Nov-10 16:59:09

What a knob he is.

ceebeegeebies Thu 18-Nov-10 17:00:41

a wanker?

meandmybub Thu 18-Nov-10 17:13:34

Ooh he got lucky last night, surely his days are numbered, although will be sad to see him go as he is very entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

I just cannot believe how anyone can be so un-self aware ... except David Brent obv.

LIZS Thu 18-Nov-10 17:14:20

complete spiv

scurryfunge Thu 18-Nov-10 17:14:54

Do you think he is a stooge?

anonacfr Thu 18-Nov-10 17:50:11

We thought he was more Gareth from the Office.

Fimbo Thu 18-Nov-10 17:51:11

He must go next week surely.

Fromage Thu 18-Nov-10 17:58:21

He has a face you would never tire of slapping, would you?

<slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!>

Nope, still not tired.

<slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!> <slap!>

PercyPigPie Thu 18-Nov-10 18:29:53

He's a numpty isn't he! He is very David Brent. As for his winner's face ...grin

PercyPigPie Thu 18-Nov-10 18:30:41

Actually, I really considered today that he may be an actor; I can't see how anyone could be so lacking in self awareness.

BornToFolk Thu 18-Nov-10 18:31:38

Fromage grin I know just what you mean.

So much hilarious twattery last night, it was brilliant!

Desiderata Thu 18-Nov-10 18:32:33

He really is a twunt, ain't he? And such a short arse!

BaroqueAroundTheClock Thu 18-Nov-10 18:38:23

hahaha fancy getting caught on TV grin

Kaloki Thu 18-Nov-10 19:38:52

fromage oh god yes!

SauvignonBlanche Thu 18-Nov-10 19:39:44


messylittlemonkey Thu 18-Nov-10 19:44:54

Definitley! What an odd little lad he is!

hatwoman Thu 18-Nov-10 22:22:28

dh and I just watched it - posl at fromage.

He was so lucky - but thinking about it I don't want him to go either. Stella's got it in for him. Not suprising. can't wait til next week - it looked like they're on the same team again.

MollieO Thu 18-Nov-10 22:30:55

I love his audition tape

"I'm alive. That's a gift frankly." confused

I also like the fact that he plans to use his success to help others "where appropriate". Reminds me of Alan Partridge. grin

hatwoman Thu 18-Nov-10 22:40:54

just looked at it - it's brilliant. I hadn;t realised quite how brent-like he is.

SpringHeeledJack Thu 18-Nov-10 22:42:16

grin fromage

I spotted him as an ubertwat on the first episode


Desiderata Thu 18-Nov-10 23:28:15

It's not just 'I'm alive! That's a gift, frankly ...'

It's, 'I'm alive, when so many people are dead ...'

I can't believe the masturbation tape. Surely that's a fix?

BaroqueAroundTheClock Thu 18-Nov-10 23:29:21

Desi - that particular version of it has been cut to "extend" the time - but last night when I found it on YouTube I went back to the episode on Iplayer - and it's REALLY there!!!

Desiderata Thu 18-Nov-10 23:31:50

It certainly looks like him! I'm just surprised they're allowed to film inside the contestants rooms in that way.

I know we get glimpses when they get the early morning call, but this is a first.

Do you think it might have been another contestant secretly filming?

<I'm ashamed that I give a shit, but I do>

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