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sharbie Mon 15-Nov-10 20:38:36

Children in need celebrity special on now bbc 4

DandyDan Mon 15-Nov-10 23:06:33

Was the best ever.

sharbie Mon 15-Nov-10 23:08:57

i know geektastic

Marlinspike Mon 15-Nov-10 23:13:10

Watched this with my (very geeky) DS - too geeky for him (and he's a massive QI fan!) What's with the hieroglyphs to select the questions? What's wrong with basic numbers or letters?

I did get inordinately excited when I got a run of 2 questions right - I leapt up and pumped the air with my clenched fist! DS commented that i was on fire! (Go mutha!!)

sharbie Mon 15-Nov-10 23:22:15

ah well marlin in the first series they used to have the greek alphabet but people claimed it was too elitist so they changed it grin

i got all the cake questions right ( i knew i would)

diddl Tue 16-Nov-10 08:38:18

It was great-although I love this programme anyway.

Could believe that they didn´t get things you can spin.

And that one -Grub??-was thinking that you can´t spin a coin.confused

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