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Is it just me...

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NetworkGuy Sun 07-Nov-10 02:04:44

... that isn't likely to fit in with the 'new' BBC website.

While looking at some clip from the Webscape section of 'Click' there were pieces about (which needs one to use either Twitter or FaceBook to be able to use it), while some other piece was about a free (for now) application for the iPhone.

Then, glancing at items on the BBC Three schedule I came across 'Lip Service' and of course viewers were allowed to submit questions to one of the stars using (yes, you've guessed it) Twitter or Facebook (though admittedly it was also possible via the Blog).

What's the problem with the BBC accepting e-mail too ? Presumably the assumption is that the audience are now pretty much guaranteed to be users of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and a new smartphone too...

Well, I know the BBC is always moving with the times, but I suspect they are moving some way ahead of it (happy to spend cash on iPhones and iPads for staff, latest gadgets in their technical areas etc), so... to the question ...

Do others also feel the BBC is moving too far, too fast, into technology (considering not everywhere has internet access, and many poorer families may have no access to the net, don't have a PC, and if they have mobile phones, are limited to text and voice messages?

thegirlwiththemouseyhair Sun 07-Nov-10 13:44:11

I do agree with you - up to a point.
Even those of us that do have access to those technologies maybe choose not to use them.

I prefer to just watch a tv programme and have never (apart form posting on here smile ) felt the need to engage further with the experience.
I don't watch the making of the programme programmes (eg Dr Who Confidential) or even the Apprentice - You've been Fired follow up to the show.

What happened to just enjoying a show?

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