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Double eviction tonight on X Factor

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tefal Sat 06-Nov-10 16:55:40

This week and next week apparently. I really am hoping that Katie will go. I am just not taking to her or her reported behaviour at all.

coolma Sat 06-Nov-10 16:57:00

But she won't go - she will be in for at least another two weeks - it's all so flaming obvious angry As will Cherrr L

SauvignonBlanche Sat 06-Nov-10 16:58:04

Katie, Cher or Wagner - please! grin

SecretNutellaFix Sat 06-Nov-10 16:58:15

Katie and Wagner. Please!!

<drops to knees and begs>

BitOfFun Sat 06-Nov-10 16:59:07

How exciting! I reckon Simon is gunning for Wanger.

Very amusing tweet today from Katie Weasel:

"According to papers, Wagner walked in on Mary wearing only her bra. She told him never to wear her bra again."


SauvignonBlanche Sat 06-Nov-10 16:59:09

Is it tonight or is the results show still tomorrow?

vmcd28 Sat 06-Nov-10 18:41:51

Katie has been in the bottom two a LOT, yet the judges keep saving her - why?! If the public dont like her, then who's going to buy the records...?

cyb Sat 06-Nov-10 18:44:06

Katie makes people want to watch , even if they dont like her

She is more interesting than Matt for example, in a car crash kind of way

VivaLeBeaver Sat 06-Nov-10 18:47:34

I want Katie to win, at least she's a bit different.

LynetteScavo Sat 06-Nov-10 18:47:35

Wagner and Cher.

Not that I don't think Cher has talent (she has masses) but her fake crying and climing she was honoring her unlce with the song last week was too much. Contrived, IYAM.

me23 Sat 06-Nov-10 18:57:56

I thought the results show wAs on Sunday has it been changed then

DamselInDisgrace Sat 06-Nov-10 19:34:29

Katie's not a bit different. Quirky annoying girl singers are this year's black in the pop world.

InVinoFerretsAss Sat 06-Nov-10 19:42:14

I second Wagner and Cher. Louis has turned Wagner into some dreadful 'dad drunk at a wedding' caricature and Cher just gives me the creeps. She is also off-key most of the time and looks like she's made of pipecleaners.

giraffesCantLightAFirework Sat 06-Nov-10 19:59:29

Oh she was awfulness.

CheeryCherry Sat 06-Nov-10 20:07:44

tefal what reported behaviour? I haven't liked any of her songs, seems a bit of a spoiled stageschool type to me. But what do I know?!

vmcd28 Sat 06-Nov-10 23:55:15

I was a huge x factor fan but I feel like I don't give a toss about any of them this year.
Don't care who wins this year.
Hate Cheryl's smug salute.
In fact I think Cheryl is just very smug this year.
Hating that very few of them get any criticism. Mary was bad tonight, everyone made excuses
Wagner sang most of the song in the wrong key yet simon said he liked it!! Simon gushes over Wand Erection like they are cutting edge... ugh!

stressheaderic Sun 07-Nov-10 14:56:26

Loved Aiden and his big shiney teeth.
Matt was amazing.
Rebecca was brilliant but tis only a matter of time before the elegant persona slips and the inner tracksuit wearer is revealed.
Mary was rubbish, I think, deliberately.

cyb Sun 07-Nov-10 15:02:36

Yes Mary was crap and that song really showed her limitations

Thought Matt was shouting, as usual

MmeLindt Sun 07-Nov-10 15:08:40

Poor Mary looked uncomfortable even during the song. Such a shame that Louis chooses such shite songs for her.

Hopefully Wagner, Katie or Cher would be a bonus.

2cats2many Sun 07-Nov-10 15:11:21

Fakey to go!!! Her performance was shite.

Wagners luck must also be running out...

cyb Sun 07-Nov-10 15:13:08

Have you noticed all Louis does is describe whats going on, whilst stabbing his pen at the act?

'You were here last week, you're here this week, you're wearing a dress, you sang a song, Well done'

How much does he earn? I could talk crap like that

MmeLindt Sun 07-Nov-10 15:25:49

LOL cyb.

Furball Sun 07-Nov-10 15:31:26

cyb - LMAO grin

vjg13 Sun 07-Nov-10 17:42:02

Wagner to win! It will make a mockery of the programme and show SC he isn't in charge of the world. grin

SleepingLion Sun 07-Nov-10 17:46:36

I wish Cher would go. How do I loathe her, let me count the ways? She can't sing, she looks bizarre and apparently her ego is rampaging out of control. I LMAO reading the subtle way the stylist tried to convey the absolute horror of working with Cher in the Radio Times this week.

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