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Coranation street - how long is this story going to go on for?

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kittya Mon 01-Nov-10 23:40:43

John Stape? when is it going to end??

tefal Tue 02-Nov-10 07:30:41

the tram crash I think.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 02-Nov-10 07:33:44

Who is sending the threats and the bouquets....

When is the tram crash - please say Clare Peacock can be killed off, I cannot bear her.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 02-Nov-10 07:34:01

Who is sending the threats and the bouquets....

When is the tram crash - please say Clare Peacock can be killed off, I cannot bear her.

DeementKAAAABOOOOMed Tue 02-Nov-10 07:41:17

It is getting rather tedious now.

tefal Tue 02-Nov-10 09:57:43

I think I read a while ago that the body is moved at the time of the tram crash.

Apparently the cast don't know who has been killed of yet. I'm betting on Molly and possibly Tyrone leaving the baby to Kevin and Sally.

Claire leaves soon I think

scarylooker Tue 02-Nov-10 11:15:50

Am praying it wipes out Ashley and Clurr.

lollipopshoes Tue 02-Nov-10 11:17:57

I think it would be really brave to kill off one of the really, really long standing cast members, like Ken or Deirdre, or Kevin or Sally.

Not saying I want them to go, but twould be really shocktastic

bintofbohemia Tue 02-Nov-10 11:19:51

Our theory is that it is Colin Fishwick sending the notes. We're working on the assumption that he died but it seems a bit odd that a bin with a body in it was moved without anyone noticing. He was trying to blackmail Stape before he "died" and you'd only bother sending these letters (rather than calling the police) if you wanted to blackmail soemone, so Fishwick has form in that area.

That's what we're guessing. I'm aware we might be taking it too seriously! grin

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 11:38:12

How can he be alive, didnt that John carry him and dump him a couple of days after he had collapsed?

I couldnt cope if he wasnt dead, what with him and that Warren from Hollyoaks reappearing, its too much!!! smile

Claire and Ashley to go. Please god.

We know Janice has already left so maybe they will kill her off.

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 11:39:03

i hope Jack is dead before (if) Molly and Tyrone get killed off. It will break his heart. I love Jack.

lollipopshoes Tue 02-Nov-10 11:42:44

perhaps Jack's last living act will be saving Baby Jack from the tram...

tefal Tue 02-Nov-10 13:08:50

Jack goes next week. See my spoiler thread from this morning.

Janice isn't being killed off.

bintofbohemia Tue 02-Nov-10 13:11:31

As I remember, didn't he die, and then they wrapped him up, put him in the wheelie bin and took him into the factory and ended up leaving him there because Norris saw them? And then when they went back for him he was gone. All seems a bit odd.

Sad about Jack. Does anyone know if Tyrone finds out about Molly and Kevin or think they're saving that for a really cheerful Christmas show?

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 13:14:45

I know that Kevin orders DNA tests and Tyrone opens the results. I dont know when.

I cant remember now, I just assumed he had been buried under the new flooring. Now you have said it Im wondering if he wasnt dead but thats an awful long time to stay in a wheelie bin!

bintofbohemia Tue 02-Nov-10 13:30:51

He wasn't in there that long, was he? Didn't they just wheel him round and then leg it?

I love Corrie.

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 14:20:57

I cant remember now. Me too. I wonder if they will write Kym Marshes pregnancy into it? I wonder if that blinking Kylie will come back and take that beautiful boy?

Hai1988 Tue 02-Nov-10 15:16:21

Tyrone doesnt read the DNA results he just gets a hold of them,but then gives them to Kev without looking at them

Monty100 Tue 02-Nov-10 15:22:53

I've been missing some episodes recently but wasn't John Stape confiding in some old ex-colleague the other day?

Hai1988 Tue 02-Nov-10 15:32:28

No he told his ex-boss that his real name is colin, but he is now in witness protection under the name of jhon now. hmm

Jbck Tue 02-Nov-10 15:50:47

I can't understand why no one has wondered where Kylie got a passport from. One minute she's destitute and the next her & 2little Maxie2 are jetting off. It's really annoying me in a way that shows I'm far too involved for my own good grin

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 17:27:58

Poor Becky its not going to turn out well for her.

And, how easily did the other two get through the adoption proccess?

Monty100 Tue 02-Nov-10 18:56:06

Oh I see, thanks Hai

I do wish they'd get this story line over and done with.

More court hearings <sigh>

kittya Wed 03-Nov-10 17:20:14

I think things are going to get moving now on the paternity storyline.

Im glad to see Mad Mary is still on form!!

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 03-Nov-10 17:23:09

How could Kyle afford a passpport

Who did John Stape bury if not Colin Fishwick - I am confused!!

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