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What CBeebies (or other children's programmes) do you miss either because your DC have grown up or because they are not on anymore?

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Ceebee74 Wed 20-Oct-10 19:44:03

Was just sat here fondly remembering when I used to watch 'Story Makers' with DS1 when he was little and it was shown in the bedtime hour on CBeebies - we used to cuddle onto the sofa and watch it and twas lovely.

I quite miss Story Makers....Ben 10 is just not the same wink

Earlybird Wed 20-Oct-10 19:45:48

Come Outside - what was the dog's name? Can't believe i have forgotten......!

AreYouAFreudOfTheDark Wed 20-Oct-10 19:48:42

I will be very sad when my two grow out of Pocoyo. it may have something to with the fact it's narrated by Stephen Fry

maybe I should get DD interested in QI?

can't say I'm bothered about much else, though I do have a soft spot for Peppa Pig

potplant Wed 20-Oct-10 19:49:39

I always quite liked 64 zoo lane. I think it was the music

DH was very sad when it was decided that Hi 5 is for babies.

SuePurblybilt Wed 20-Oct-10 19:50:41

Pippin earlybird.

I loved Storymakers too. Lovely Jelly and Jackson. Why won't they bring it back <sobs>

MaudOHara Wed 20-Oct-10 19:52:04

ITNG - used to cuddle up with DD and do the finger in the palm of her hand - always makes me feel teary thinking about it [soppy]

Very common with childrend with autism DS loved Bob the Builder and didn't grow out of it til he was 9 so the theme tune always makes me smile.

Big Cook Little Cook - DH used to sing this / refer to the DC as Big Cook and Little Cook (can you guess our surname? grin )

Needanewname Wed 20-Oct-10 19:52:05

Storymakes - we all miss Blue Cow, Pocoyo, 64 Zoo Lane and Charlie and Lola - where are they, why do we have In the Night Bloody Garden or WaywhocaresBaloo!!!!

FunkofFortyThousandYears Wed 20-Oct-10 19:53:55

Doodle Doo. Oh yes. Ooooh yes. Oooooh yes.

Earlybird Wed 20-Oct-10 19:57:31

Ah yes, of course. Thanks Sue.

notnowbernard Wed 20-Oct-10 20:00:40

Come Outside - I learnt so much from Auntie Mabel wink (particularly fond of the poo one)

StoryMakers! I quite fancied Byron Wordsworth IIRC

Panzee Wed 20-Oct-10 20:04:58

I went to my brother's house with my baby son to visit son's 9 year old cousins. Cousins are all into that Wizards of Waverley Place and iCarly nonsense.

I asked my brother to put CBeebies on to entertain me distract my son while we had tea.

My brother sang along to 64 Zoo Lane and the goodnight song. It was lovely to see!

scaleymcnamechange Wed 20-Oct-10 20:08:35

What the ???

Storymakers isn't on any more?

Oh golly.

I was always fond of Bear In The Big Blue House and there was a great little programme called Beachcomber Bay on Channel 5 when dd was little, back in 2002.

Panzee Wed 20-Oct-10 20:10:04

I was off sick the other day, and left CBeebies on in the morning while I slept. It was very calming.

Woke up when I Can Cook came on though, and switched over.

mollycuddles Wed 20-Oct-10 20:10:53

Have recently had dd2 after 9 year gap. Delighted to be able to watch Come Outside and 64 zoo lane again. Sorry that the tweenies are still apparent. Dd1 is keen to watch Fimbles with her wee sister. I'm not so enthusiastic.

Mssoul Wed 20-Oct-10 20:12:21

Blue cow & The Shiny Show. I used to love watching dd now 13 run aound looking for shiny things to pile up while she watched smile

SuePurblybilt Wed 20-Oct-10 20:12:38

scaley, not for at least a year and a half that I can think of. Sadly.

Sesame Street I would love to see back.

notnowbernard Wed 20-Oct-10 20:13:44

Let's play 'Name All The Come Outside Episodes You Can Think Of' grin

Holes ("Holes, holes, useful holes" she sang grin)

upahill Wed 20-Oct-10 20:14:04


Mssoul Wed 20-Oct-10 20:14:32

Hi Molly - same here 10 yr age gap and 2 dd's. HATE TWEENIES EVEN MORE THIS TIME! But enjoying 64 Zoo Lane. The horrible American Purple Dinosaur appears to be no longer thank goodness!

notnowbernard Wed 20-Oct-10 20:14:54


SuePurblybilt Wed 20-Oct-10 20:15:53

I have never seen Holes and long to

My arse is there a poo one grin

Panzee Wed 20-Oct-10 20:16:11

That one about eggs. She sang a song about how eggs were animal babies, then boiled one for tea!!!!!!!! shock

notnowbernard Wed 20-Oct-10 20:17:22

Oh yes, Bricks - poor Pippin got lost on the building site

Stamps (or was it Letters?)

MegBusset Wed 20-Oct-10 20:18:22

Come Outside is on at the moment (around lunchtime) for those needing their fix! DS1 has an encyclopaedic knowledge of sewerage systems thanks to Auntie Mabel and has been eating carrots all week since seeing the carrot one!

MajesticScallop Wed 20-Oct-10 20:18:34

The Terrifying One Where Auntie Mabel Gets Stuck In The Pantry While the Chip Pan is on Fire
Teapots (???) or was it Clay (????)

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