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Bones starts again next week

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Liv77 Thu 14-Oct-10 23:10:54

Season 6 of Bones starts on Sky next Wednesday grin, The best duo on the box since Scully and Mulder. Any other Bones fans out there?

badgerhead Fri 15-Oct-10 13:54:56

Here, Here grin problem is it also clashes with 2 other favourites in our house, The Apprentice & Grand Designs, it's a good thing we have sky plus multiroom wink

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Fri 15-Oct-10 16:15:57

thank you

i will set the sky box

soverign21 Sun 17-Oct-10 00:23:25

Thanks!!! didnt know it was back on

<rushes off to skyplus it>

OmicronPersei8 Sun 17-Oct-10 00:44:51

I just saw the ad and sky+ed it tonight! It's one of the only things on TV that both DH and I like.

Northumberlandlass Sun 17-Oct-10 07:47:33

I'm a HUGE Bones fan ! Can't wait....where did they leave it ?

Bones going to the south pacific to run that excavation and Booth off to train snipers ? Weren't they going to meet a year later at some park bench with a cup of coffee ???


soverign21 Sun 17-Oct-10 12:13:03

thats right

Will be interesting to see where everyones at now as they were all off doing something

runnyhabbit Sun 17-Oct-10 12:48:40

ooohhh, so glad about thisgrin

I love Bones - think it's very under-rated

roslily Mon 18-Oct-10 20:19:03

Love it! I will be interested to see how they pick it up.

roslily Mon 18-Oct-10 20:20:29

Love it! I will be interested to see how they pick it up.

HoneyIatethekidsdragon Mon 18-Oct-10 20:22:49

Oooooh just remembered end of last season <<excited>>

BlingLoving Tue 19-Oct-10 18:02:19

Thank goodness I saw this thread. I hadn't seen any adverts!

anonacfr Tue 19-Oct-10 18:30:25

I don't remember any of this- last one I saw last year was when Hodgson and Angela got locked up for a few hours (can't remember why now) and ended up getting married. It was really sweet!
What happened then???

And speaking of not advertised shows, anyone knows if/when V and Glee are coming back?

Liv77 Wed 20-Oct-10 20:50:52

I can't say i've seen any adverts for it, although I do watch most things on Sky+ so tend to miss the adverts or see them too late. i thought Bones would be on sometime soon so I googled it last week as didn't want to miss it.

Glad to be of assistance. smile

I probably won't get round to watching the new episode until later this week so will avoid this thread until then in case there are any spoilers posted.

SecretNutellaFix Wed 20-Oct-10 20:57:55

here- blush

we have been naughty- dh has downloaded the first few eps from the statesblush

Liv77 Wed 20-Oct-10 20:59:36

anonacfr googled Glee 2

UK- January 2011 (NO Confirm date as of yet)

Source - E4 flyer in Glee Season 1: Vol 2.

Not sure about V, looks like possibly November for the US but nothing for the UK yet.

Hope that helps smile

ehbygum Thu 21-Oct-10 21:28:34

So what did we think?

Liv77 Mon 25-Oct-10 18:22:35

I've watched it now, see they got the team back together nice and quickly The deceased toddler story definately tugged at the heart strings but at least there was a happy baby story to finish up smile

Northumberlandlass Mon 25-Oct-10 19:28:12

I actually quite enjoyed it. Loved Sweet's goatee & hat, how Bones looked wistful at the pic of Booth's new love.
Pleased the gang back together and with Wendall too grin.

Really looking forward to the rest of the season !

Northumberlandlass Fri 29-Oct-10 21:09:28

Does anyone else dislike Booth's new woman??

Anniek Sun 07-Nov-10 18:42:00

Last one this week... It is moving to Living in the New year hmm Strange have sky changed their programme policy? Instead of buying American shows trying to produce their own???

86Pinkle Tue 09-Nov-10 17:15:27

Hi there, love bones - so much so I have to download it from the US as I can't wait for Sky to catch up.

Northumberlandlass - I too dislike the blonde - he should be with brennan!!

Liv77 Sun 14-Nov-10 20:11:57

It least on Living I will have less chance of missing it as can catch up on the +1 channel.

DH is sulking that he won't be able to watch it in HD though sad

HowsTheSerenity Sun 14-Nov-10 20:25:54

Oh I love it love it love it!
But I too have been streaming it as I could not wait so have seen the first 4 episodes.
It is quite good. Lots of surprises!!
I do wish they would put in some updates about Zach though.

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