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Lip Service, anyone going to watch it?

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kittya Tue 12-Oct-10 16:28:25

Im looking forward to it. I need a new drama.

greaseistheword Tue 12-Oct-10 16:35:39

yes im going to looks good

Fannyanny Tue 12-Oct-10 21:44:56

DH has just asked me to Skyplus it. Hope that's not a bad omen...

kittya Tue 12-Oct-10 23:00:16

I think its supposed to be rude.

I hope so.

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 00:00:36

All i can say is frankie is soooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

kittya Wed 13-Oct-10 00:08:17

I know but why do they always have the same haircuts?!!! and, why is she so much like Shane from the L Word?

kittya Wed 13-Oct-10 00:16:58

and why is Louise from HollyOaks speaking with an irish accent?

I dont know if I will get into it or not. I think they are all abit too young for me (nice to look at though!)

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 10:14:47

Loved it, and was a tad envious throughout.

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 11:54:49

what i wanna no, is how they manage to bump into hot gay women like that, i sure as dont!!

saintincognita im was also envious! by any chance are you as hot as saint from sugar rush?? wink

Mermaidspam Wed 13-Oct-10 12:54:47

Just watched it, it was quite good!

<still misses the L word>

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 13:42:34

dusty - if I had my profile up you'd see I'm just like Andrea Corr. ;)

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 14:24:44

well get on with it then!! grin

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 14:26:51

lol, can't get the stupid thing to appear on this nickname. Might have to change name my name back to my normal one and then my deep cover would be blown grin

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 14:27:49

oo it'sw working. Hold on, I'll put you on mates and then you can se the more convincing pic grin

doings Wed 13-Oct-10 15:02:13

Just looked up Ruta Gedmintas aka Frankie - had no idea it was this actress until I saw other shots of her. What a difference. She's fantastic.

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 15:13:41

She is really good. Loving the hair.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 13-Oct-10 16:21:57

yes, sky+ it - will watch tonight

assume it will be like l word

there was a gay prog on ch 4 ages ago which was fab but men - what was it called

also like sugarkiss or something like that set in brighton

doings Wed 13-Oct-10 16:59:53

Sugarrush was set in Brighton and was lesbian

Queer as folk was a while ago and was about gay men. Do know if that was set in Brighton as didn't watch it.

Loved Sugarrush though. Main character now in Larkrise and demurely buttoned up to the neck!

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 13-Oct-10 17:58:26

thats it

queer as folk - it was fab!!!

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 20:05:08

saint you r hot!!! smile

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 20:26:14

blush Why thenkyou muchly grin

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 21:22:28

i love your profile but you dont mention what sort of music your into, do tell!

SaintIncognita Wed 13-Oct-10 21:27:38

Oh I'll listen to anything, me. I do have a soft spot for early Queen, but apart from that I'm anyone's (in a manner of speaking wink

dustycups Wed 13-Oct-10 21:43:46

really!!! wink

kittya Wed 13-Oct-10 21:54:47

I miss the L word because it was so OTT and the women were a little older.

I will continue to watch this but it hasnt grabbed me so far. I was thinking that too, how Glasgow is crawling with cool lesbians!!

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