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Downton Abbey - anyone excited?

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turnitup Sun 26-Sep-10 09:57:44

Im so ready for a good period drama,

can't wait grin

NanBullen Sun 26-Sep-10 10:12:49

Oooh yes, can't wait, and its on for 1 1/2 hours tonight. yippee!

champagnesupernova Sun 26-Sep-10 10:15:09

ooh what time?

Aitch Sun 26-Sep-10 10:21:00

have seen first two eps... it is LUSHARAMA.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 26-Sep-10 10:30:14

Yes, I'm excited. It feels like autumn now with a period drama on teh TV.

smallwhitecat Sun 26-Sep-10 10:31:32

Message withdrawn

Aitch Sun 26-Sep-10 10:50:41

maggie smith is faaaaaaaabulous in it. first ep is excellent, second ep is out of sight.

turnitup Sun 26-Sep-10 10:58:18

9pm ITV

Aitch - envy how have you managed to see it already?

Nancy66 Sun 26-Sep-10 10:59:24

really looking forward to this.

Pizza, bottle of plonk, Ben and Jerry's and other half banished to the bedroom with the portable. Bliss

turnitup Sun 26-Sep-10 11:01:16

Maggie is a legend but I also really like Joanne Froggat, so looking forward to seeing too.

Aitch Sun 26-Sep-10 11:08:15

and liam connor from corrie... oh yes. cast is great, totally. my job means i get early access, i have ep3 on the computere here, might just watch it tonight to maintain my lead. grin

turnitup Sun 26-Sep-10 11:11:35

Oh your so lucky Aitch

<starts petition to ban Aitch from this thread>


Gracelo Sun 26-Sep-10 14:37:39

Does anyone know if it will be shown on STV at some point?
I can't believe STV is showing Billy Connelly in the Arctic instead, gah.

celticlassie Sun 26-Sep-10 15:46:13

If you've got Sky you can get ITV London. Can't remember which Channel but it's pages and pages down in the TV guide.

Gracelo Sun 26-Sep-10 16:15:40

Channel 993, woohoo! Thanks Calticlassie.

agedknees Sun 26-Sep-10 17:22:36

Am so looking forward to this.

Polgara2 Sun 26-Sep-10 17:29:34

Oh yes dd1 and I are really looking forward to this. Love the song that's played when it is being advertised - is that the theme tune I wonder?

Wilts Sun 26-Sep-10 17:31:56

I am sadly excited, I love period dramas grin

Polgara2- I love the song on the advert too.

Caoimhe Sun 26-Sep-10 17:45:15

Oh yes, really looking forward to it - love the picture of Maggie Smith looking down her nose with a face that looks like she's had a lemon too many.

<< very, very jealous of Aitch [envy} >>

agedknees Sun 26-Sep-10 17:51:56

Finding myself watching old episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs on sky.

The good old days!!!

Tippychoocks Sun 26-Sep-10 17:52:12

Want to watch it but with my XF fetish I will be glued to ITV1 for hours. If I do the ironing though, that will make it OK.

peggotty Sun 26-Sep-10 17:54:46

I love these kind of programmes on a sunday night, I call them Comfy-slippers tv. Nice bath before it starts, jammies on, curtains drawn, glass of red wine - looooovely!! And Maggie Smith is always great.

warthog Sun 26-Sep-10 17:56:14


turnitup Sun 26-Sep-10 18:01:16

<prepares blanket and hot chocolate>

orienteerer Sun 26-Sep-10 21:00:22

I really want to watch it but know I will fall asleep half way through. Why don't these things start at 8pm for sad people like megrin

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