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What happened to talk shows?

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FuzzyWuzzyWuz Wed 08-Sep-10 15:09:58

Haven't been poorly for a while so haven't seen the "Talk" shows a la Tricia, Vanessa etc for a long long time.

What on earth is Jeremy Kyle? I've seen him screaming and shouting at his guests with the audience clapping him! What a horrible way to treat people... I've wondered why people always say they hate him but I hadn't seen how bad it had got until this week. Why is this allowed on TV? Are these people really real to a) want to air these sorts of problems to the nation and b) allow themselves to be screamed at by some strange man in a suit?

Where is the modern equivalent of Tricia? You know, make overs, reunions, bit of sex scandal, but no screaming!

nikkershaw Wed 08-Sep-10 17:17:02

they've all been replaced by reality dancing, talent and cookery shows

Hai1988 Sat 11-Sep-10 16:15:46

Tricia is still on, its on channel 5.

I atually like Jeremey Kyle grin he only shouts when nessasary and when decent people go on he is very nice to them.

He only shouts at dead beat dads, people on the doll and cant be botherd to get a job and abusive people, who i think deserve taking down a peg or too tbh.

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