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Strictly Come Dancing

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carrotsandpeasifyouplease Tue 07-Sep-10 13:17:01

Starts on Saturday!!
I can't find any contestant rumours other than Goldie, does anyone know of any?
Is Alesha back? can only find articles about her not signed contract yet.
No results show apparantly and new format for voting, can't wait - Winter is here.

LIZS Tue 07-Sep-10 15:10:06

Isn't Felicity Kendal doing it ?

vmcd28 Tue 07-Sep-10 18:17:04

yes, I have read Felicity Kendal is in it.

Alesha is definitely back - she was interviewed on Newsround the other day, and said she's looking forward to it.

GOLDIE? Really?! He seems to be ONLY on these things now - ie is only a celebrity because of these shows. His son has just (yesterday, I think) been jailed for stabbing a disabled person to death, so I wonder if the BBC will change their minds about him...

Patsy Kensit and Ann Widdecombe are also rumoured.

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Tue 07-Sep-10 18:53:40

oh Patsy Kensit is a good one as is Felicity Kendal, cant wait

MrsMorgan Tue 07-Sep-10 18:54:28

Tina O'brian (Corrie's Sarah Lou) is one isn't she ?

tefal Tue 07-Sep-10 19:00:48


bollocks sorry for caps

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Wed 08-Sep-10 08:42:03

contestants announced!

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 08-Sep-10 09:08:18

The anne widdecome rumour is true then <despair>
And Paul Daniels?!
Maybe my dad'll watch this year since Felicity Kendall is on!

MissWooWoo Wed 08-Sep-10 09:24:56


<wets pants>

Oblomov Wed 08-Sep-10 09:29:28

anne w ? oh god no. surely not. why would she do this ?

who will win ? blokes probably gavin or matt baker, only because they are the two youngest males.
female. probably tina or kara. same reason. youngest female.

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 08-Sep-10 09:37:14

Totally agree Oblomov a very accurate assessment. Hope AW isn't the new John Sargeant confused

But what about the pros? I don't like change, and a lot of my favourites have gone. What is strictly without Matthew Cutler?! Hope the newbies are nice!

Oblomov Wed 08-Sep-10 11:35:13

they don't even listt eh profs dancers on the website. that can't be good.

they keep telling us that we don't want all the oldies. but we do. they are out of touch with reality. i don't even like lydia koplova and darren bennet. but they really should be there. so should cutler.
has brendan gone ?

Prolesworth Wed 08-Sep-10 11:36:26

Message withdrawn

vmcd28 Wed 08-Sep-10 11:51:19

Surely Michelle Williams has a bit of an unfair advantage, having done singing/dancing/touring for years?

sharbie Wed 08-Sep-10 12:03:46

surely goldie will be dropped after news yesterday

watching patsy kensit will be fun

Prolesworth Wed 08-Sep-10 12:07:32

Message withdrawn

sharbie Wed 08-Sep-10 12:19:12

wot vmc said earlier this thread - his son jailed yesterday for murder

Prolesworth Wed 08-Sep-10 12:27:26

Message withdrawn

vmcd28 Wed 08-Sep-10 12:33:21

just knowing what the BBC are like - they dont like to be involved in anything controversial...

sharbie Wed 08-Sep-10 12:40:52

yeah and would/should he want to participate now anyway?

Prolesworth Wed 08-Sep-10 12:43:22

Message withdrawn

LIZS Wed 08-Sep-10 13:05:51

Don't know any of the soap "stars" or singers !

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 08-Sep-10 13:28:45

Brendan is still there <guilty pleasure emoticon> There's a short video clip on the BBC website (not the strictly site) and they show the costume bit and there's one for Brendan!

PortBlacksand Wed 08-Sep-10 13:35:08

Isn't Matt Baker a trained gymnast and ballet dancer?

Surely an advantage too...

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 08-Sep-10 13:42:37

And Tina has "only done GCSE dance" so considers herself a beginner!

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