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Which is your favourite episode of Friends?

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chaostrulyreigns Thu 26-Aug-10 21:59:14

I could watch each episode again and again.

Actually I do. wink

But the show that's just been shown on E4 when they try the breastmilk and Monica goes shopping with Ross's gorlfriend Julie has to be one of the classics.



dearprudence Thu 26-Aug-10 22:03:01

I like the one where Joey has(n't) asked Rachel to marry him, then he makes Ross punch him.

tiredlady Thu 26-Aug-10 22:04:53

The one where Phoebe pretend tries to seduce Chandler knowing he and Monica are an item

WhatsWrongWithYou Thu 26-Aug-10 22:06:53

The one where Ross goes to the spray tanning booth.

Doodleydoo Thu 26-Aug-10 22:09:44


Ross moving house and the sofa up the stairs shouting pivot at everyone to get it around the corner - he takes it back at the end cut in half.

hackingandhewing Thu 26-Aug-10 22:11:32

DD got teh box set last Christmas and we have been working our way through them.

I love the one where Chandler and Joey leave the baby on the bus.


SleepingLion Thu 26-Aug-10 22:11:37

TOW Unagi, where Phoebe and Rachel learn self-defence. I think David Schwimmer is fantastic at that really physical, visual comedy. That's why the spray tan one is also a favourite, and the one where he bleaches his teeth and the one with the leather trousers! grin

SleepingLion Thu 26-Aug-10 22:12:13

Oh, yes - "Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!"

Valpollicella Thu 26-Aug-10 22:13:21

DearPrudence, that;s my favourite episode too...pmsl everytime I've seen it

Especially at Joey and his use of finger quote marks grin

LilyBolero Thu 26-Aug-10 22:13:38

When Ross and Rachel spend the night in the museum, looking at the star display. I love that episode.

deaddei Thu 26-Aug-10 22:15:37

The one when Joey comes in wearing all of Chandlers clothes (can't remember why)- and he is going commando.

brockleybelle Thu 26-Aug-10 22:15:55

The One With The List

Rachum? What's Rachum? Oh, that's something I wouldn't know about as I'm just a waitress.

I do NOT have chubby ankles.

5inthebed Thu 26-Aug-10 22:16:07

I can't pick just one episode, thats too hard!

We moved house a few weeks ago, and I shouted PIVOT quite a lot. grin

I quite like the London ones, and the one where Phoebe pretends to be seducing Chandler, and the ones where they look back to when Monica was fat, and...............

littledawley Thu 26-Aug-10 22:17:15

Monica with the turkey on her head!!

Valpollicella Thu 26-Aug-10 22:17:57

Deaddei, its in the one where they all have to get ready for a function for Ross, and Chandler refuses to get out of Joey's chair

Then he starts doing the lunges grin

Clary Thu 26-Aug-10 22:18:18

The one where the girls lose the flat in the "who knows the others best" quiz.

Starts with Chandler itemising the six things Rachel has bought from the supermarket. Luvin it.

brockleybelle Thu 26-Aug-10 22:18:22

I adore Ross. My favourite character. Love the leather pants ("it's turned to paste" - the talc)the tanning booth, the teeth.

dearprudence Thu 26-Aug-10 22:19:08

Oh, yes.. PIVOT! grin

Clary Thu 26-Aug-10 22:19:41

Tho I also like the one where Rosita dies, when Rachel breaks Joe's chair and then Chandler thinks he did it then Joe breaks Chandler's chair beuase he wants the chair Sit magazine has called "chair of the year" and "I'm so glad I have the new chair to get me through all this". grin

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 26-Aug-10 22:21:50

This one is hilarious

SleepingLion Thu 26-Aug-10 22:22:09

OMG, Valpollicella, I can quote that episode almost word for word! blush The One Where No-one's Ready.

'You steal my underwear? I'm wearing everything you own!'

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 26-Aug-10 22:22:21

I also love 'Im fine!'

5inthebed Thu 26-Aug-10 22:22:52

The one where Phoebe meets Mike's parents.

"Why wouldn't you punch me, you weren't to know I'd just had surgery"

"Your son shakes the headboard like a sailor"


TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 26-Aug-10 22:23:22

'Hey im Chandler - could i be wearing anymore clothes?!'

I know every Friends episode word for word... <needs to get a life.>

Valpollicella Thu 26-Aug-10 22:24:37

5inthe bed..

Where she says about all the bathrooms, and 'I threw up in the hall closet!'


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