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Is Deal or No Deal fixed?

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chaostrulyreigns Thu 26-Aug-10 16:22:31

Apparently the contestant is chosen at random.

But their family is sitting in the audience.


Anybody enlighten me?

PandaG Thu 26-Aug-10 16:23:44

all families will be in the audience I would have thought - several episodes are filmed on one day.

shinyshoes Thu 26-Aug-10 16:25:53

yeah but I heard contestants can be there for as long as 3 months before they are chosen. Some even give up work to do it. So how would the family in the audience thing work

PandaG Thu 26-Aug-10 16:27:29

see what you mean! maybe they get randomly chosen one day, and family shipped in to film the next? dunno hmm

shinyshoes Thu 26-Aug-10 16:28:35

That would make sense Panda

Can't see it being fixed though OP

chaostrulyreigns Thu 26-Aug-10 16:38:41

fixed in the sense of conveniently produced and slightly misrepresented to the viewers.

My theory was along the same lines as what shinyshoes says - really would a family hang round for weeks waiting for the randomiser?

PandaG - that's probably what they do.

chaostrulyreigns Thu 26-Aug-10 16:40:41

Also the fact that the random person's family is always sitting in the front row makes me grin.

Obviously they're seated after the choice is made, but the final edit doesn't present it like that.

Can you tell the walls are closing in on me?

TrillianAstra Thu 26-Aug-10 16:58:14

I would be the worst-ever contestant.

That one that one that one thatonethatonethatonethatonethatone Thank you very much goodbye.

None of this I have a feeling for me.

chaostrulyreigns Thu 26-Aug-10 16:59:00


I too would have no brook for pansying around.

sharbie Thu 26-Aug-10 19:42:06

No they don't always - some contestants don't have anyone there.

Mind you there are loads more people who have won 1p than the two that have won £250k.

cyb Thu 26-Aug-10 19:43:47

They prob don't do the choosing and the filming on the same day. They might film the choosing at the end of another persons game the ship family in for next day. they also have their stupid soppy photos on their box too, they can't all have those on tehre cos they have to open the box


ILovePonyo Thu 26-Aug-10 19:51:34

Did anyone see the 100th/1000th (important number episode) that was on a while ago, quite young blonde girl was playing.

The first box she opened was the 1p and I think she had the £100,000 and £250,000 at the end (it was deffo 2 big numbers, sure she got a good amount of money).

She dealt then, and had the £250k in her box.
That made me question how genuine it is - apologies of I have got a bit confused and got some bits wrong but I'm sure that is a pretty accurate description!

Adhdmum Sun 29-Aug-10 05:08:59

of course it is. What is the top prize? 250k? So if they open that box 1st it's game over, right? WHo could sit through more than 2 minutes of it anyway? Paint. dry. Awful awful tedium.

Gripper99 Wed 01-Dec-10 23:45:59

i love it......., its a TV show and why dont the statistics add up as to distribution of prize money, lol you should watch more carefully ever seen any of them before? just the odd one or two maybe and not in quizzes?

Lts say the odd actor or two could if they knew what was in the boxes influence the outcome occasionally wink

kittya Thu 02-Dec-10 09:50:16

what would they do if the contestant took the offer in the first or second round?

I always hate it after they have taken the offer and he tells them to play on as they wouldve. How on earth can they know? and then they get all relieved if they dropped out at the right time.

Makes no sense to me.

Gripper99 Thu 02-Dec-10 15:08:02

Lol......your catching on wink

SnowyBlueSmurf Sat 04-Dec-10 19:06:10

Scan down to Thursday 13th December. I love the last line of his section where they say "we wish him better luck for the future". Little did they know! grin

hocuspontas Sat 04-Dec-10 19:22:47

Although I watch it most evenings I'm never sure if ALL the contestants get to play. If so, it must be possible to be there for years and never get chosen. What's the longest that anyone's been on there? The randomness must be fixed to a certain extent.
Also what's the shortest time anyone's been on? How many shows do you have to be on to go into the randomizer? Two? Three? Does anyone but me care?

allie15 Mon 20-Dec-10 23:52:34

my daughter was a contestant earlier this year. She was there for about 3 weeks and her gran went down to watch a few shows then I did. The contestants begin to think it might be 'their turn' when they have appeared on around 20 shows, look for clues like which outfit wardrobe have chosen for them etc - but really don't know it's them until their name comes up on screen. Family and friends are seated to one side of audience, there is a pause in filming after the name is revealed while contestant and family/friend are given microphones, then family/friend is moved to middle of audience and photos & mascots given to contestant and filming resumes. Whole experience was wonderful, all the contestants, crew and Noel genuinely supportive!

BigBadMummy Tue 21-Dec-10 09:21:35

allie15 how did your daughter get on?!!!

tablefor3 Tue 21-Dec-10 12:06:53

I've always thought that this show would be great to be "Freakonimic'ed". EG look at the values at which people will deal and when they will reject what is objectively quite a large sum of money (say c£5000) (even subjectively a large sum too given the circumstances of many of the players) and play even though there is a high likelihood that they will receive very little, deeming it "their fate". Yet if you were to offer them £5000 in other circumstances they (and we all) would take it in a shot.

Hhhmmm.... I too clearly have too much time on my hands.

allie15 Tue 21-Dec-10 21:23:42

BigBadMummy She applied online, was selected for local(ish) auditions, lots of people there, got through to next round, then didn't hear for months. When she heard she'd been selected, it was another few months until she got the call - all in all, about a year and a half.

allie15 Tue 21-Dec-10 21:24:48

Was worth the wait tho!!

Furball Tue 21-Dec-10 22:08:41

SnowyBlueSmurf - in that link half way through the olly blurb they call him orry grin

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