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Mighty mites- is that Sarah Jane whatsherface?

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mrsflux Wed 21-Jul-10 07:49:05

Just seen an advert for this on cbeebies. Is it Sarah Jane thingy from tika bila?
If so why is she all hair extensions and false eyelashes? She looks like a barbie!

Program looks ok apart from her- I find her quite irritating!

Pochemuchka Wed 02-Jan-13 21:35:27

This is the second ancient SJ thread I've seen tonight.

Iamanonymous - you'll not do her profile any good coming on here defending her years down the line as people will think she's doing it herself!

Get on iplayer, there's bound to be a few episodes you can watch over and over again on there to get your fill of SJ without feeling angry about other people's views.

Shakey1500 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:40:00

I thought I was seeing double tonight!

Squeegle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:13

But they are two different sarah janes!
Curiouser and curiouser!
What is the world coming to?

RustyBear Wed 02-Jan-13 21:57:14

Yes, iamanonymous, but what you're actually doing is reviving old threads so that a whole lot of new people who never saw them two years ago, have now done so.
I only opened the first thread because I thought someone was talking about Sarah Jane from the adventures, and I was going to point out that she was probably looking old because she had terminal cancer. Then I saw the date.

In fact, my children being in their twenties, I don't think I actually know what the other Sarah Jane looks like, or what her last name is, or anything about her except that she is/was a CBeebies presenter. When my children were young it was Dave Benson-Phillips and Philip Schofield....

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