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Mighty mites- is that Sarah Jane whatsherface?

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mrsflux Wed 21-Jul-10 07:49:05

Just seen an advert for this on cbeebies. Is it Sarah Jane thingy from tika bila?
If so why is she all hair extensions and false eyelashes? She looks like a barbie!

Program looks ok apart from her- I find her quite irritating!

Quality Wed 21-Jul-10 19:39:57

Don't. Mention. SJ. Honeywell.

It will not end well, there was a thread a while back discussing slagging her and her friend came on and got rather upset, an then I think SJ appeared as well.

<<checks over shoulder>>

But yes, she is exceedingly irritating isn't she?

mrsflux Wed 21-Jul-10 21:31:25

Oh crumbs! Hope I haven't done something awful. blush

Fwiw she looked better in tika billa.

She's still not my cup of tea but I'm not the target audience

Quality Wed 21-Jul-10 21:47:34

It was awhile ago, I think you are safegrin

She's so ott, the dd's love her, same theory as justin I think, the more the kids love them the more the parents don't (And now I have summoned the wrath of the juston loversgrin he's doine great stuff, but he still annoys me!)

pantaloons Wed 21-Jul-10 21:51:22

this is the one.
looks erm... interesting!

Quality Wed 21-Jul-10 22:01:17

No it doesn't. It looks shitgrin

pantaloons Wed 21-Jul-10 22:49:59

yeah, that too!

BunnyLebowski Thu 22-Jul-10 09:01:02

She's beyond irritating.

I don't understand why she looks like she's just come off the late shift at Spearmint Rhino in the ad either confused

LittleNutTree Fri 23-Jul-10 09:57:31

Lol @ your Spearmint Rhino comment BunnyLebowski! I did think along those lines too! There's no way I'm allowing DD to watch that new programme, she will probably end up addicted to it, and I can only just put up with Justin! grin

Aeldred Fri 23-Jul-10 14:07:53

DD and DS think she is great. They cant stand the singing cooking one tho.

paisleyleaf Fri 23-Jul-10 14:11:03

Oh no not another Sarah Jane Honeypot/Honeywell (whatever) program, one is too many.
She belongs in cabaret/Butlins or somewhere. Not on telly.

MayorNaze Fri 23-Jul-10 14:13:10

dd2 swears it is not her and gets upset if i insist that it is blush

loujay Fri 23-Jul-10 14:16:28

Saw the ad yesterday and had to stop myself yelling "Nooooooo" loudly at the telly!!!!
She is beyond irritating..............but my 2 love her!! accounting for taste!!

puffling Fri 23-Jul-10 14:18:27

I find it bizarre that they still haven't got rid of wooden Alex and Cerrie. I'd happily swap Cerrie for SJ

fruitstick Thu 05-Aug-10 20:31:25

I realised that tikka billa is about 10 years old now - Sarah Jane is clearly far too old to get away with bunches.

She gives me the feeling that I must have seen her in panto at some point in a previous life.

However DH says he likes her in a way that makes him feel dirty and ashamed.

Flighttattendant Thu 05-Aug-10 20:42:06

Oh dear. I had hoped it wasn't her.

Nothing against her but there's just something about it.

And anyone who 'bubbles' hmm (according to that link) has got to be dodgy.

Shaz10 Thu 05-Aug-10 20:46:10

She's got a really annoying whiny voice.

PheasantPlucker Thu 05-Aug-10 20:53:34

Fruitstick, I saw her in panto once. She was in freen tights, got hooked up to a rope contraption, and 'flew' over the whole audience at the end. There was no escape.
I still have nightmares.

Shannaratiger Thu 05-Aug-10 20:59:29

It is her and my Dd loves it! The tune gets well and truely stuck in your head and any excercise is now 'mighty mite' referenced, makes a change from Sporticus though!

UnquietDad Fri 06-Aug-10 17:36:21

Fruitstick's DH and I would get on very well

AlCrowley Fri 20-Aug-10 16:06:44

DS just watched Mighty Mite and I came on here to whinge then saw you'd all gotten there first!!

She scares me in the advert, reminds me of Cruella DeVille with those mega eyelashes!!

Found this for Fruitstick's DH and UnquietDad though

iamanonymous Wed 02-Jan-13 20:03:58

Can't believe how stupid you all are. Why criticise someone who is actually successful in life? I don't actually think that is going to get you anywhere... I think you should all just get off this website and try and be good parents. It might work, You could actually attempt and make something good from yourself other than just sit on some crummy website and express your irrelevant opinions that I could give a flying pig about. Rant over.

RustyBear Wed 02-Jan-13 20:06:14

Iamanonymous - are you actually searching Mumsnet for threads about Sarah Jane and resurrecting them all? Because this one is even older than the last one I saw you on...

iamanonymous Wed 02-Jan-13 21:15:05

RustyBear - Yes I am searching for threads about Sarah Jane. Yes these are old, And? I can still defend her can't I? It's funny how successful she is and how much of a difference you are not making? Is there something wrong with me sticking up for someone who has not done anything wrong?

Jajas Wed 02-Jan-13 21:18:38

You is a nutter iamanonimous it has to be said.

Rusty we are stalking though aren't we grin!

Defending Sarah Jane to the end.

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