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For those who like Something Special

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MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 13:09:23

This is from a Makaton Newsletter that I receive via email

Summer 2005

Thank you for subscribing to Makaton News, which we hope to send you four times a year - or more often if we have news to share with you.

This is our first newsletter, and it focuses on Something Special, the TV programmes produced by CBBC Education.

The Something Special programme called “the Garden” has recently won the Royal Television Society Award for Early Years. This is the second time that Something Special has won this Award, and it is the only time that a Royal Television Society award has been given twice to the same series!

For those who have lobbied the BBC for copies of the programmes on video, we are pleased to let you know that the programmes are to be released on video and DVD format. There are to be four videos and DVDs, each with five programmes. The first two video and DVD collections are "Pets and other animals" and "Favourite things".

These videos and DVDs will now be available in mid-August - the publication has been delayed due to a fire at the BBC warehouse. The other two collections ("Where I live" and "Out and about") will be available in February 2006.

The videos and DVDs can be ordered from the MVDP on 01276 61390, or from the BBC. The videos are priced £14.99 and the DVDs are £19.99.

In addition to the videos and DVDs, we are producing some little pocket books of the symbols and signs that are used in the programmes. There will be one pocket book for each of the collections ("Pets and other animals" and "Favourite things"). The price of these books has still to be confirmed, but if you are interested in these, please let us know (email and we will keep you informed. The pocket books should be available in early September.

The Something Special programmes are currently being repeated on BBC2 and CBeebies every weekday: at 6.20am on BBC2, and at 9.20am, 1.20pm, and 5.20pm on CBeebies.

So for those of us who emailed to ask why it wasn't on DVD/Video... HURRAH!!!!!!!

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 13:16:06

just me then lol!

whimsy Sun 21-Aug-05 13:26:44

Oh Brill, Ds loves Something Special

fireflyfairy2 Sun 21-Aug-05 13:28:47

Oh so does my DD! Justin is her big hero!! And Mr Tumbles comes in a close second

Great about the DVDs being out mid-aigust... some Xmas pressies they'll make!

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 13:34:23

The videos and DVDs can be ordered from the MVDP on 01276 61390, or from the BBC. The videos are priced £14.99 and the DVDs are £19.99.

I'm so excited. The DTs love Something Special. You're right... they'll make excellent pressies at Christmas!

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 15:59:07

bumping for the Sunday afternooners

Tommy Sun 21-Aug-05 16:47:11

excellent news - will tell MIL to get for Christmas

MarsLady Mon 22-Aug-05 12:43:18

little bump!

SleepySuzy Mon 22-Aug-05 12:44:41

Wow! But why is it so expensive???

swiperfox Mon 22-Aug-05 12:49:09

I wonder what it is about something special? DD absolutely loves it!!

cod Mon 22-Aug-05 12:49:29

Message withdrawn

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