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Anyone else waiting for results today?

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tallulah Thu 18-Aug-05 11:16:53

DS1 just went for his AS level results and we are all very pleased. BBCD (vast improvement on his sister's DDDD)

steffee Thu 18-Aug-05 12:08:39

Congrats to tallulah's ds!

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 12:13:55

my niece just got her A level results - ABC (which i think is good but she is devastated and can't do her creative writing degree apparantly)

V odd, I remember my step sister did medicine with BBB - how times have changed!

EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 12:20:07

I got ABC

so sad that she is devastated

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 12:20:52

ahhh CD depends where she wants to do it!

Nightynight Thu 18-Aug-05 12:24:37

my brother got BED very apt for the lazy git I thought!

Carmenere Thu 18-Aug-05 13:16:05

My sdd got BBB and is very upset even though she got her college place in Bristol because she was expecting A's- obviously none of my genes in that girl - no-one in our family ever did that well
Congrats to all!

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 13:16:56

I think UEA or York

which again is odd cos in my day UEA was university of easy access

ellceeell Thu 18-Aug-05 14:30:24

ds came home devastated at his A2 results and is now euphoric as his 2nd choice of university has offered him a place anyway.
I just keep thinking that it is such a complicated system and how hard it is to know what to do - I never went to university, nor did dh.
And ds is really p*ed off at all the newspaper articles about A levels being easier than ever!

ediemay Thu 18-Aug-05 14:46:30

my nephew got ABB and I'M SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!

Bozza Thu 18-Aug-05 14:48:41

I got ABC too Enid

QueenOfQuotes Thu 18-Aug-05 14:48:41

Congratulations to everyone who's got their results

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