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Do your teenagers do this?............Are you sure???!!!!

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swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 21:00:02

Found out from my sister (14) yesterday that her and her mates are all staying at a friends house and have been for the last few nights.

THe owners of the house are on holiday and their daughter gave my sister her keys so they could use the house!!!

Apparently they all do it

charliecat Fri 22-Jul-05 21:02:32

OMG, I do remember going to a few partys in peoples house where there were people spewing on cream carpets etc and eewww the mess in the loos in these lovely show houses. The kids had no respect for the parents property AT ALL and it made me really uncomfortable and I used to leave early before seeing the destruction at the end...prude!!!!!!!

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 21:04:28

I told my mum what they were doing lol

She was going to ring the police and pretend to be a neighbour saying she thought there was someone in the house and could they please check!!

QueenEagle Fri 22-Jul-05 21:08:33

As sensible as my (almost 14) dd is, I would never trust her and her mates to stay in my house overnight, unsupervised.

I can vividly remember as a teenager myself one of my mates having a party when her parents went away and the choas and carnage in the house was unbelievable!

swiperfox Fri 22-Jul-05 21:13:01

I can't believe that the parents of the other houses they've done it in don't know about it!!

surely a gang of 14/15/16 & 17 year olds don't leave the house exactly as they found it!!!!

Tortington Sat 23-Jul-05 03:37:19

i did it as a kid - but wouldnt let mine do it

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jul-05 03:39:16

Hi Custy, what you doing up?

bobbybob Sat 23-Jul-05 04:48:31

The word INSURANCE just screams out at me. You are covered for uninvited guests, but your sister has been given the keys!

Tortington Sat 23-Jul-05 05:37:20

ello www - you stil up?

triceratops Sat 23-Jul-05 05:39:29

I have lovely memories of house parties when I was a teenager. I have to say that even if the person who is responsible for the house is very dependable and has the best of intentions it will not stop the house getting wrecked. At that age you just don't have the self confidence to stop drunken idiots and chuck them out before they pull the place to pieces.

My party memories are of the "host" inevitably running around madly trying vainly to fix the distruction caused by the thoughtless few. I can remember light fittings and doors being pulled off, plants being pulled out of gardens, vomit everywhere and sofa cushions in the pond at one particular brand new five bedroom executive barrat show home we destroyed.

My parents - very wisely - never let me have a party.

mumeeee Sun 24-Jul-05 11:20:27

No my children don't do this. My 15 year old does sometimes spend the day at her friends without any adult present. But none of her friends would be given keys when parents are on holiday. I am sure they don't all do this.In fact I know that one of her friends goes to her Grans if her mum has to be away.

kama Sun 24-Jul-05 11:33:43

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Sun 24-Jul-05 11:39:09

Thats why I'm a bit surprised that they do it!! I rmember having parties at friends houses if their parents were out or away for a weekend etc and the host would be desperately trying to get the house back in order before their parents came home. In the case of my sister and her friends, the whole family is on holiday and the teen who's house it it, gives their key to someone so they can all 'use' the house while they're all away!!

I would have been petrified of coming home to a wrecked house!!!

colditz Sun 24-Jul-05 11:46:06

My friend had quite a few parties while her mother was away, but we always used to put it all back as before by the time her mother got home!

runtus Wed 03-Aug-05 13:56:26

I went to one party where 50 odd uninvited 'guests' turned up and spent the night supergluing anything they could find to the floor and ceiling...........try explaining that to your irate mother when she returns!

Alannah Sat 06-Aug-05 11:54:10

My 16 yr old step son has told me of this happening. His mate went on holidays with his parents and gave them the keys to have a party in his absence! I would kick his arse from lands end to john of groats if he did this - and he knows it.
We did have parties when my parents went away when we were teens but my mother had instilled a fear in us so the house was always pristeen when they returned.

Alannah Sat 06-Aug-05 11:57:49

I knew of a girl who when she was 16 wanted to be a 'biker'. Her parents went away and she went to the local 'biker' bar and invited all to a party in her house. Her parents returned two days later to find her naked and locked in a cupboard - the goldfish had been liquidised and the carpets had had muesli mixed on them. I think she may have revised her ambition to be a biker

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