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Hair Removal for a 12/13 year old

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Bettyj69 Sun 21-Mar-10 13:25:00

Help please Mums. My 12 year old (13 in Aug) has asked can she 'shave' her legs. She doesn't want to shave them, having had a few horror stories from friends who have cut themselves shaving.

Any recommendations as to what is the best form of hair removal for ones so young?

Much appreciated.


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choufleur Sun 21-Mar-10 13:27:12

cream. no pain.

TheFirstLady Sun 21-Mar-10 15:13:52

DD1 shaves her underarms, but hasn't started on legs yet. I think I'd prefer her to use cream on those though - they are much easier to cut than pits.

wotsitallabout Sun 21-Mar-10 16:04:30

My DD shaves and uses cream. She has not cut herself once. Oh and uses my electric shaver.

juuule Sun 21-Mar-10 16:14:05

Hair removing cream, like Veet?

mamas12 Sun 21-Mar-10 18:12:20

Yes cream is the best if she is just starting but if she is anything like me and my dd go straight for the waxing, it gets rid for longer.

cariboo Sun 21-Mar-10 18:15:18

I started shaving at 13, much to my mum's horror. I nicked my legs a number of times (still do!) but no lasting damage done. She'll learn. Meanwhile, keep a box of plasters on hand.

Alouiseg Sun 21-Mar-10 18:17:32

Cream is full of horrendous chemicals, i wouldn't let children touch it with a bargepole!

I havn't got girls but if i did i would investigate laser hair removal for them as soon as they needed it. If laser wasn't appropriate i would get waxing.

cariboo Sun 21-Mar-10 18:24:03

wimpshmm what is it about this generation that is so annoyingly nanny-ish? or am just in a bad mood?

I am not suggesting your daughters are all capable of wielding a razor but ffs! are you going to have the boys wax their beards? or slather on the Veet?

juuule Sun 21-Mar-10 18:28:00

If that's what they wanted, why not?
Once they know the options then they can choose.

Alouiseg Sun 21-Mar-10 18:29:28

Shaving leaves such a horrible stubble effect especially if you have dark hair. Whereas boys look cool with stubble.

But not bumfluff ;-)

EccentricaGallumbits Sun 21-Mar-10 18:30:06

DD1 shaves.
DD2 uses veet.

tis personal choice. let her play around and find something that suits.

MadameCastafiore Sun 21-Mar-10 18:34:53

I am having DD waxed hoping that by the time she is 25 she gets succh a small amount of growth she can just epilate it herself.

Am also going to get her eyebrows done professionally when she wants that done so she dosen;t feck it up like most young girls do and walk around having weird arches or drawn on eyebrows

Alouiseg Sun 21-Mar-10 18:38:58

Try threading for eyebrows, they look fab. I feel as if i've had a facelift when mine have been done.

I should really change my name to epilationobsessive, i've tried everything over the years.

lairymum99 Sun 21-Mar-10 20:04:14

Waxing for a 12/13 year old?? I was advised that this is too young. Hence my DD12 uses Veet for now.

Would be interested to know opinions about laser treatment. Surely beauty salons can't offer this to young girls??

BTW, have tried to have the PC chat - you know the one about how you're beautiful just as you are and that there's really no need for hair removal (just yet). She didn't buy it. hmm

maryz Sun 21-Mar-10 20:17:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ooosabeauta Sun 21-Mar-10 20:18:12

I used Veet (or Immac then) from about 10 and never had any probs apart from leaving it on too long on my face once (don't ask) and it burning. Then shaved from about 13/14. Have always been put off waxing by the fact that my mum has been doing it since she was 20, is 63 now and still has as much hair on her legs as I do before she goes! She enjoys it though. But no hair diminishing whatsoever.

Think the PC chat can be a fruitless thing. Young children can be remarkably observant, and it's not nice to have hairiness remarked upon at that age. I started after a female PE teacher at middle school mentioned that my legs were hairier than the boys'. Nice grin

PorphyrophillicPixie Sun 21-Mar-10 20:28:18

I'd have to go on the waxing wagon here. Partially because she will see the benefits within a year from waxing (less hair, grows back thinner, etc) and also, she won't flinch at the idea later on once she realises that it's the best method for hair removal! I recently went back to shaving after not being able to afford wax and truly regret it, my leg hair has started growing doubly quick again!

BritFish Sun 21-Mar-10 20:29:42

yeah, best to let her get rid of it, sorry, i remember being teased by my brother!
id let her try shaving, or show her. even if she chooses it, its not going to help her being afraid to try, just show her if you are slow and careful, you're fine.

oh, and dont bother with shaving creams, total waste of money in my experience, use big cheapo bottle of hair conditioner!

Alouiseg Sun 21-Mar-10 21:23:39

My niece, now 17 has been waxed since the age of 11 then switched to laser at 13. Lucky girl now has zero underarm or leg hair and a very tidy bikini line.

Lucky girl.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 21-Mar-10 21:29:13

Oh dear god - is being hairless the complete panacea of pubescent girls and their mothers now?

I want to weep

Molesworth Sun 21-Mar-10 21:31:03

shock @ waxing an 11 year old

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 21-Mar-10 21:36:42

Message withdrawn

mamas12 Sun 21-Mar-10 21:40:44

I don't think anyone here is talking routine .
I was ans now my dd very hirsuit and needed it.
I had hairier legs than my brothers!

Alouiseg Sun 21-Mar-10 21:40:51

Maybe if you say no then it becomes more of an issue, more people will notice then the girl is likely to shave bringing with it all the associated problems.

11 year old girls cannot be expected to run a one girl crusade against body hair. No reasonably well groomed female leaves noticeable body hair hanging around. Why should a young girl.

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