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my 14yr old has left i am clinically depressed

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emzy Fri 08-Jul-05 17:19:13

hi ,ive posted this in the depression section ae well because i am totally desperate.I brought up my daughter on my own and weve always had a very close relationship,we used to have alovely house and a very good standard of living-i had my own business.Then about 5 yrs ago everything went wrong,my father committed suicide,my grandparents who raised me both died and my business partner ripped me off and i lost the business.At this time i met my partner.Anyway i know im rambling!So about 2yrs ago after having lost the house as well we moved to spain,my daughter hated it and found it very difficult to settle.Last year she then began to have problems with my partner;who would go completly off the rails with her for making amess.At xmas she went to yhe uk for hols and has refused to come back because she says she hates spain so much.She wanted me to get on a plane and join her in the uk the next day.She is staying at her dads who dosnt want her there and neither do i,i want to be with her.The problem is i suffer with severe clinical depression which has made me utterly terrified of returning,we have no home ,no family and very little support.I love my daughter more than any thing in this world but seem utterly paralysed with terror,please can someone help.

emzy Sun 10-Jul-05 16:45:53

please ,please,has anyone ,anyone got any advice-I am out of my mind with worry;any feedback would be greatly appreciated

lmccrean Sun 10-Jul-05 17:19:24

I am so so sorryto hear about the trouble you are having at the moment

Is the problem just with your partner getting cross at her? Or was she unhappy at school, or the area that you lived? Is there a reason you have to stay in Spain, rather than move somewhere else? You wouldnt have to move back to exactly where you were before, or even back to England (im assuming thats where you are from) at all - compromise with her - 14 is a delicate age - but dont let her wrap you round her little finger.

Moving to spain was a big move, and I cant imagine moving back to the UK would be harder (in terms of sorting a house and job etc).

This sounds like Im getting at you, but I really dont intend to - just trying to understand!

lmccrean Sun 10-Jul-05 17:22:32

just found your other post in diff forum...

emzy Thu 14-Jul-05 17:22:40

to inccrean,it was everything about spain she hated,i moved her school.My partner refuses to go back and yes it would be alot harder to move back-i have absolutely no money ,nowhere to stay and am so so depressed that no-one would give me a job.The thought of being without my daughter is unbearable-im at my wits end.

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