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does your teen have their own computer?

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brimfull Tue 24-Nov-09 22:29:36

and how old are they?

mumblechum Tue 24-Nov-09 22:40:36

DS & I share one in my office. It's bad enough him having ps3 & massive telly in his room, if he didn't come down occasionally to use the computer we wouldn't see him from Fri night to Mon morning.

He'd probably like a laptop but he can save for one himself if he's that bothered.

He's 15 btw

bruffin Tue 24-Nov-09 22:46:37

DS 14 has just bought himself a laptop after saving up for a year, but he doesn't have a tv in his room and his laptop hasn't been upstairs yet.

SlartyBartFast Tue 24-Nov-09 22:47:14

no - he got an ipod touch for his bday, which frees up the computer for the rest of the family at least.

jellybeans Tue 24-Nov-09 22:54:38

My 13 year old hasn't, I don't think they are a good idea (with internet) on their own in bedrooms and prefer her to have a turn downstairs. She would be on all day given half the chance.

brimfull Tue 24-Nov-09 22:57:47

was wondering if dd (18next month) was unusual in not having own we have one laptop ,which technically is mine but we all share

MitchyInge Tue 24-Nov-09 22:59:33

My 19yo bought herself a MacBook which we all lust after (and which I dropped and damaged yesterday) and 17yo got one as reward for getting fab gcse results despite being in hospital for so long.

Starmummy Wed 25-Nov-09 03:40:51

Ds 14, got one for his 12 birthday. It is downstairs ALWAYS. He does not have a TV in his room.

He uses it for fb,img, homework, downloading and playing music, playing games, photo imaging, making movies.

I really could not share my laptop with anyone under any circumstances. blush

SofiaAmes Wed 25-Nov-09 05:58:14

I have an Imac in the living room which is used pretty exclusively by ds (9) and dd (7). They do homework and all sorts of educational things on it during the week and then are allowed a few hours on the weekend to rot their brains with games. Ds just got his own email address for his birthday present last week (cheapest and most successful present I've ever given), but I get copies of all emails he sends and receives. I think it's enormously important for children to be completely computer literate and fluent in this day and age. I also don't want to share a computer with them so I have my own laptop. It will be a long time before kids have computer that they are allowed to use privately (ie not in the living room under my watchful eye).

ABetaDad Wed 25-Nov-09 07:30:05

Our DSs (age 9 and 7) have a computer each but the are right next to or kitchen in their room and we are constantly hovering. They use tem for games and homework.

I spent an hour on Sunday going carefully through the cmputers checking what they were doing and what they were looking at. I have given them strict instructions on what they can put on the internet in terms of information. Their school has done a lot of internet safety training too. I have put various parental filters and blocks on as well to prevent inappropriate Googling. They have no access to mobile phone or email or Twitter or Facebook or that kind of thing.

NO to computers or TVs in bedroom.

serenity Wed 25-Nov-09 07:49:31

DS1 isn't a teen yet, but I doubt he'll be getting his own laptop until he can afford to buy himself one. We have two PCs in the living room (DCs one and DHs one, although it tends to be more of a free-for-all who uses what) plus I have a laptop (MINE!!! DCs are not allowed to use it, DH is allowed sometimes, grudgingly)

I don't think we need more, and definitely not in bedrooms.

BCNSback Wed 25-Nov-09 08:11:14

Ds's ( 14 and 11)both have their own lap top , did so by about the age of 10 ( ish).. but both are dyslexic and it's helped them out massively.

The use if for homework and FB.. they are allowed to use them where ever they like.. I am the passworded adiming and I have filters and restrictions set on both <mean mummy>

southeastastra Wed 25-Nov-09 08:12:38

ds(14) has one in his room shock and a tv in his room shock throw me to the lions!

southeastastra Wed 25-Nov-09 08:12:56

wtf sorry he's now 16 blush

upahill Wed 25-Nov-09 08:20:26

I have a works issue lap top so does my husband.
We have one family computer. We have an open plan 'office' in the hall. There's always someone going past to get into the kitchen,dining, upstairs etc so we can keep an eye on things.
We have one television. Every now and again they ask if they can one in their room.

MitchyInge Wed 25-Nov-09 08:22:37

what's wrong with having them in bedrooms? we all tend to congregate round our screens in the sitting room at this time of year only because it is too cold upstairs - but they might want a bit of privacy sometimes?

sarah293 Wed 25-Nov-09 08:23:30

Message withdrawn

cory Wed 25-Nov-09 08:24:05

Dd has a laptop for writing on, but it has no internet connection. She has wrist problems so finds it difficult to write with a pen. She has to use mine for the internet, but finds it difficult to get at seeing that I'm always on here grin.

brimfull Wed 25-Nov-09 08:27:44

tbh I am not worried about her using the computer she is nearly 18
just wondered if we were mean parents not having computer for her own use
she'll need a laptop for university but is having gap yr so technically we don'tneed to buy one for that yet

BCNSback Wed 25-Nov-09 08:29:52

Half the reason for allowing our boys and laptops to be where ever they want, is so they can get on with homework in their own space.. without having DD bouncing about near them, or eaither of the others reading the screen out loud, or speech recognition/ screen readers etc disturbing the other.

BTW just for info on dodgey website and images... they do not have access to these at home.. YET my 14 year old told me the list to which he has access to at school and via friends houses ... ( at school as in via friends not the school comps).
these included Redtube and Xtube warning do not google if you have children about!

This is very very old news I was shocked but he seriously played it down as it was a couple of years ago when he was in year 8!

upahill Wed 25-Nov-09 09:44:21

I don't think there is anything wrong in having a tv in a room as such. It's just that we don't. Rightly or wrongly all four of us watch similar programmes such as Flashforward and CSI and then the boys go to bed and we watch the news.
I only get to watch tv on a week day between 9-10 if I'm not working. So there is no need for more than one tv.
Our friends had a tv for their DS in their room when they were 3 and I thought that was a bit mad tbh.

I wouldn't dream of having a tv in my room. I don't know why.I'm a bit odd I suppose. I don't allow tv on a school morning or Saturday afternoon and early evening.

admylin Wed 25-Nov-09 09:50:29

We're going to aim for 2 more laptops in the house soon because, at the moment especially in the evening we're queuing to get on the PC.

We have 2 dc at grammar school and they need to be on and off computer for homework, extra stuff, they are both expected to put extra work in with their set homework to show they have researched etc and they are only 10 and 11 years old.

MitchyInge Wed 25-Nov-09 11:53:46

I have a tv in my room, a really nice one actually, because I have this fantasy about going to bed early and watching stuff of My Choosing instead of whatever is on when it is on downstairs - but of course in reality I crawl into my pit and just instantly die at the end of each day.

southeastastra Wed 25-Nov-09 12:28:11

what does being at grammar school have to do with it lol

admylin Wed 25-Nov-09 12:58:06

What it has to do with it is that last year with one still at primary school she didn't need or show an interest in the computer, and ds in his old school didn't need it much either but this new school is different in that they expect them to research on the computer and show it in their work hence - the queuing.

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