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Teenager having a tough time at school

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Clare123 Sun 08-Nov-09 21:09:53

I was wondering if anyone has any advice.

My niece is 15 yrs old, and had a boyfriend for quite a while. I don't know exactly what happened, but from my understanding he split up with her. Now, lots of girls at school have stopped talking to her or inviting her to parties. There has also been some comments from the girls about her weight.

She is such a sweet natured girl. Very bright and is so upset by this and I can see she just does not know how to handle this unkindness. I know she is upset about this boy, but I think it's her so called friends that have really hurt her.

What can we do? No one is actually physically hurting her. I don't want to make matters worse......but there must be something we can do!

mumblechum Mon 09-Nov-09 17:00:55

Not sure there's anything anyone can really do for her, it's awful when they have their heart broken for th e first time, and her friends are certainly not helping.

Maybe she should make some friends outside school. Does she do any non- school related hobbies?

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